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    Modern Warfare 3 EU Community Game Night - Friday, October 25th @ 9PM BST / 10PM CEST

      Hey Xbox 360 gamers -


      This Friday, October 25th, I along with several other COD community members will be hosting an EU Community Game Night for Modern Warfare 3 players on Xbox LIVE. The lobby will open and we'll begin inviting players at 9PM BST / 10 PM CEST and will be playing for around two hours. During this time, we plan on playing a variety of standard and community-inspired modes with you in Private Matches.


      To receive an invite, simply message one of the following Xbox LIVE Gamertags and be sure to follow us - the hosts - on Twitter for information on future game nights.


      Hope to see some of you there!


      XBL: DFlannagan10 / @FlannaganTW

      XBL: Pollydollyno1 / @Pollydolly1

      XBL: GrimReaper JC / @GrimReaperBAN

      XBL: wB Goggles / @I_Am_Goggles

      XBL: Cpt Rutger / @Cpt_Rutger


      With less than two weeks until November 5th, also ensure you're following Infinity Ward's official Twitter account @InfinityWard, Senior Community Manager @Teanah, and Community Coordinator @candyslexia for the latest information on Call of Duty: Ghosts!