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    Treyarch Lies; my bullets don't count BO2

      I called support about the horrible lag and was told. I didn't have enough bandwidth to play BEST option in multi-player games. That these player had more than I had in my BO2 option menu/ info: displayed only showing 3003 Kbps. Your CSR lied about what they said and you do throttle the connection. I have Verizon FIOS 50Mbps down and 25Mbps up. I have tested my connection through several network testing sites where I showed flawless connection. I would be lucky if 25% of my games don't have someone lagging or cheating it seems these days.

        If not enough you have yet to fix the kill-streaks singling out players. Is this your attempt to balance out players that don't play as well?

      I call this Treyarch rigged game play when the hunter drone only goes after me in the entire match. What is fraudant Treyarch doing to are game play and future gaming to become. For future game developers look at treyarch what not to do and Game Play should be number 1 not 10 or 20 as importance. BO2 could have stick figures for people as long as my bullets count I'm good.


      Never going to buy sucky treyarch again you had more than enough time to fix issues from others with same complaints