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    Community Voice BO3

      Well, possibly a little past due, but with BO3 one year in the making, one year left to go, and a realization of Activision staff actually reading these forums.  I want to create a list of sub lists to address all players concerns and ideas.  I want the next zombies expansion to return to still finding 60-100k+ online a year after a release as BO1 seemed to do.  Rather then the pitiful 2-10k you find now.


      I will read this thread daily, when you reply to posts state the heading you want it under, a simple line of what you want and a statement as to why underneath.  Hopefully treyarch will respond or address some issues.  Mine will be added in the initial, no idea is a bad idea, unless its terrible. This is just opinions.  Also I want a statement on how long you have played.  WaW-Bo2 is mine,

      Proper spelling and logical sentences are a must.  f u type lyke dis u wll b ignred. frfr


      Keep xboxone and PS4 capabilities in mind.  We have a lot more option, lets hold them to that.


      Weapon ideas-

           -Sword as melee/main weapon.


      Character ideas-

           -Celebrity map- Stallone, Eastwood, Statham, Arnold.


      Map ideas-

           -Insert all current and former maps from the start, either as an addition like the world globe or under a classics menu.

           -Larger (tranzit style) Maps


      Cross map ideas-

           -Maps +++.  3 dlcs, 3 additional areas to access.  Must complete easter eggs on other maps to access, increasing difficulty allowing more guns and perks.  Once open stays opened.  Must be on certain round of original map.  Cost 100k point.  (description at bottom.)


      Map mechanics-

           -Option to disable bank/fridge (Separate options)  Disable achievements on fridge/bank games unless specified achievement.

           -A pause button, some of us get hungry or have to use the restroom during a 4-8 hour match.

           -8 player co-op options


      Matchmaking mechanics-

           -Highlighted search.  I want to be able before I enter my lobby search to enter, mics only. A first/second/third map choice, and a high round, play around, EE game style.  And an age requirement, kind of a must.  (High round quitters receive a 48 hour ban from any fault in leaving, with the exception of game servers going down.)

           -Open list invite options where all players searching for a game on a map are listed with highlighted options above, a click on the name shows their overall 1/2/3/4 high-round stats for the map.  Also a ping time.


      Rank mechanics-

           -I like the current system or stat tracking, but get rid of the images in lobby searching.

           -Constant maintenance for unfair play

      Game mechanics-

           -Create a map.  Probably the hardest style of map out there to create.  If treyarch can pull this off I will be amazed.

           -Share a map (Created and custom map options)


      Tackling glitchers-

           -In game screenshots.  Insert down/revive barriers to glitches on repeat offenses or after 30 seconds.  Where it downs you then revives you on a constant basis till you quit, then wipes all your stats except downs on the leaderboards.


      Behind the scenes-

           -A team dedicated to finding and patching glitches and errors.

           -A team that openly addresses the community.  Also they collectively play and hold offers to the communities as bungie use to do.



      Crazy wacko ideas nobody will ever go for but just might-

           -No point map.  Must find certain items or abilities to work through.

           -Character based stats that progress through playing ability and define a characteristic.

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          Re: Community Voice BO3

          Maps +++ explained-

          Lets take current BO2 maps.  Lets say tranzit, thats the starting map.  Then lets say you complete Die Rise EE, and have a tranzit high round of 25.  Well maybe that roadblock after the tunnel becomes open for a new area.  Then say you do buried and have a tranzit high round of 35.  Well then lets unlock Nacht further back and more open.  Origins/high round 45? well maybe we can open that other road in the town to expand that area.  Finish all three with a high round 50 then lets open an area across from power.  Each + position would be based on which EE were finished, high rounds are erased on area unlock. Each area would further expand the easter egg to that map..  And would create a personal expansion.  So if playing with others who do not have that area open would receive a barrier while you could enter.  It would increase the difficulty for all players however. Based on below


          4 player maps -

          one + = 10%

          3+ = 30%

          The maps defined difficulty is based on the highest + count. Minus 2% for each character who cannot make that count.

          Example if in a 4 player match

          Player A = 3+

          Player B = 2+

          Player C = 0+

          Player D = 1+


          The match would begin as a 30% more difficult match.  It would lose 2%, for player B, 6% for C, and 4% for D. Making the final difficulty only 18%.  *4 3+ players would receive a map difficulty of +50%


          This would also work on further content having locked areas for previous content.  Though most in essence will have them done.

          Then for those out there who complete it all.  Lets open a new map.  That final EE scene.  The end all to be all.  But most importantly this MUST be a player made map created and tested then the developers can have fun adding there twists and ideas to the story.

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            Re: Community Voice BO3

            Larger maps, something like tranzit without fog.


            8 players in one co-op game, headset traffic but i think it would be cool.


            Custom Map Tools on consoles, this will be difficult but hay Tony Hawk managed.


            Clean and Fear Leaderbords, wouldn't hold my breath.

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                Re: Community Voice BO3

                by custom map tools are you just referring to create a map, or adding more options into the already existent custom match.


                Also what are fear and clean leaderboards.

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                    Re: Community Voice BO3

                    Create your own map and be able to share it with other players maybe even put it public, just like WaW, i know this is a difficult task to conquer but if done correctly will pay out in a long run, the maps dont have to be big in size.

                    Leaderbords? god... i donno do you come here and read? 80% of this forum is filled with topics about ranks, glitches and unfair leaderbords, if that's not enough just go and look at the top 1000 on the leaderbord it is disgusting.

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                        Re: Community Voice BO3

                        I know about the leaderboards but by clean and fear I thought you were referring to 2 separate style leaderboards off other games or something.  Had me (still kinda does) confused.

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                            Re: Community Voice BO3

                            Well they did some cleaning on MP mode, where players who exploit flaws in the game to boost the leaderbord got reset and this is all they will need to do, if i cheated to get to round 100 with 10 kills then obviously i dont deserve my position on the leaderbord and therefore should start again to play legit, but i can see how this can effect the game in a negative way with bad feedback. We have 90% of players who cheat and 10% who play legit so it would mean 90% of customers would be pi$$ed about stats reset and 10% happy legit players, it wont happen,... also the effort needed to clean and reset these cheaters would be time consuming and not productive in any way.

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                                Re: Community Voice BO3

                                I remember them doing this before but it reset a lot of legit players too.  I'd rather they divide the games into separate categories so those who wish to glitch can do so in a more play around lobby, and in a hardcore lobby they face suspension

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                        Re: Community Voice BO3

                        Matchmaking mechanics wouldn't work. Some of these maps only have about 1000 people playing. This would just fragment the lobbies and will make it difficult to find games. They should just have have a mic detection feature that will most likely pair one up with other players with mics.

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                            Re: Community Voice BO3

                            I want the next zombies expansion to return to still finding 60-100k+ online a year after a release as BO1 seemed to do.  Rather then the pitiful 2-10k you find now.



                            The reason so few are on now is the same reason I'm starting to hate playing again.  All I find are lobbies with no mics, glitchers, whiners, kids and quitters.  Why do I want to spend an hour finding a match with those types of constants.  If that alone is changed, I think the main core of players would return in higher volumes.  But also bringing back some of the difficulty for people with harder maps, and creating new twists for those who find the maps repetitive and nostalgic.  Add in a flair of community events and here comes that day or 2 of high volumes.

                            That is also the reason I added in a second and third map search option.  So like me, I really want to play die rise, I love that map.  Can only find 600 people on at a time and usually no mics if i find a lobby at all.  So If i add that to my main map choice with buried and origins as second and third then at least I can get put into one.  Add your name to a list to want to play that map and you just might get an invite.  Involve the community in choosing the type of match they play, and the community will have a better experience and will remain longer.

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                                Re: Community Voice BO3

                                You would need more than 100k people for such options. Don't forget that as more maps are released, the more fragmented it will become.

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                                    Re: Community Voice BO3

                                    Not necessarily.  I think even now with how lopsided and crap the activity rate is a more involved search option would work satisfactorily.  Mainly for the fact when searching for a lobby I don't know what map you want to play, if I find you in search on origins I'm going to assume that is really the map you want to play so I do not even bother asking.  But maybe in actuality you want to play die rise as well.  But are having the same issues as I.  Well each of us putting it out there stating we want to play this map allows us to meet up and do so.  Just because there is not 100k people online doesn't mean it will not work, but I think it will bring a significant amount of people back to playing.

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                                Re: Community Voice BO3

                                QUiters/glitchers do not need to be punished. they just need dedicated leaderboards that kick out hacks/mods.

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                                    Re: Community Voice BO3

                                    Ah my apologies it seems I left points of my post undefined.  I mentioned three game modes under matchmaking mechanics.  One being a play around mode aka glitching acceptable leaderboards do not count.  And two a high round mode with leaderboards that would punish any form of unacceptable play.


                                    Glitching though to late to change and address.  Can still be controlled for a fair play environment.  And I make it an open statement upon joining matches if you glitch I quit. Simple.  Some games I cant help but to deal with it, or are to far in to want to waste my time when they are caught or decide to use it.  So I then say if you are the last survivor and sitting in a glitch I will quit out and end the game.    I actually enjoy that fact of rounds no longer counting after someone quits.

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                                    Re: Community Voice BO3

                                    Bumping, come on guys, if you do not even attempt to speak then do not ***** about features you do not like on release.

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