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                                     TITANS REBORN


      Hey There xbox lovers

      We are an elite force of soldiers striving for dominance. We excel in teamwork, individual skill and strategy, all while being complete bad asses. We're a upcoming GHOSTS and current League play clan in BLACK OPS 2. Currently recruiting we're based in NSW but are looking for members in QLD,NSW,VIC or NZ. We will be competing in LAN comps and online comps but for LAN you must be willing to travel to the events.

      RECRUITMENT VIDEO LINK: sonicXstorm: GHOSTS Clan Recruitment Video - YouTube

      YOUTUBE: www.youtube.com/TITANSREBORNgaming

      TWITTER: www.twitter.com/TITANREBORNgc

      CONTACT: sonicXstorm for more info and try outs