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    Server issues or what?

      I've noticed that I've been seeing the "Synchronizing Game Settings" thing more often now, kicking me out of the match.

      Also, it looks like multiple people here are having the issue as well.

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          Re: Server issues or what?

          I really wish a moderator could let us know what's up. At least once an hour I get disconnected from the servers while I'm in the middle of a game (GRRR!!!) and then that useless, "check the website for updates" message appears. I just keep trying to reconnect, but it usually takes about 15 minutes before I'm able to. I also get stuck in lobbies with no one else while it "searches" for matches, and then I get disconnected.....

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            Re: Server issues or what?

            I don't know why, but the servers have had some issues for months now, especially on the weekends and whenever there are more people playing (like double XP or holidays).


            Sometimes you cannot get online at all, or it takes a long time to connect to the server when you load MP. Often enough anything that has to access info from the servers in the MP menus takes a longer time to load than it should or does not work at all (things like lobby leaderboards and emblems etc.).


            Some people report they cannot find games or it takes a while, i haven't had much problems with that personally but many others do (sometimes this is caused by the persons own connection / location / low population playlist / DLC).


            Sometimes there's a constant connection interrupted loop in the match or everyone starts to move in slow motion for whatever reason. I just had six matches in a row in different lobbies where all of a sudden the game kicks in to slow motion and becomes literally unplayable.


            And then there's the extensive lag in my gameplay that also seems to go hand tin hand with the other issues i mentioned above, it's not that the game plays that great on average anyway when it's working, but ever so often the connection goes from bad to unplayable.


            I wish there was something wrong with my internet connection so i could do something about it, but it's this game that's causing these issues.

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