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    Re: My game now won't load.

      Hello guys,


      i have the same problem here when i try to open the game , it apears the scream with " connecting" " loading" and after it crashes... It goes back to the ipad screen...


      1. Latest version of iOS 7 and iPad 2

      2. My activision name - cool_alexa4u

      3. The crash occures when i try to open the game...

      4. No error message appears...


      I Have read the other posts and I have tried to uninstall and reinstall the game and i got through all tutorial and it worked fine, but when I tried to log on my activision account - it crashed again


      Please give me a clue to this issue, I really want to play again on my account...

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          Hello Cool_alexa,


          I have gone ahead and created a new thread for you! Now, in regards to your load isssue. I will need some additional information so that I can have this matter looked into.


          - Activate Name

          - Real world currency used on account

          - Load error message/number

          - Device being used

          - Date the issue occurred

          - Game Version




          ATVI Support

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              Hi Emilioz,


              Thank you for your answer! I am sure it's not easy to deal with all this issues, we just hope a new update will solve the problem


              - My activate name is " cool_alexa4u"

              - I haven't spent real money in game yet, but I was going to...

              - No error message, it just crashes...

              - Ipad 3

              - Around 23 Oct 2013

              -  Last game version, I always make the updates.


              Thanks and I look forward to hear from you.