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    JOINING The True S.W.A.T

      This is AHAH13 Leader and Commander of the SWAT, SWAT TEAM, SWAT TEAM STYLE, and now for COD:Ghost The True S.W.A.T look we have no KDR requirement. You are your own person but we work as a group. Use advance tactics for the best outcome in a match and most of all we communicate. We are a small squad but I wish to grow the clan as recently we were put under new management and I've been doing it ever since MW2. SO PLEASE CHECK US OUT AND JOIN OUR FAMILY... WE GOT YOUR 6.

      follow the link to hmu up on PS3 AHAH13

      Join my #GhostsMP Clan https://elite.callofduty.com/ghostsclan/c/5523eb7f