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        10. Re: What's with all the camping?

        I could make the coolest peace symbol or the best death from above symbol, but if I didn't earn it, I shouldn't get to wear it

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          11. Re: What's with all the camping?

          One last thing on this, and they better not let my buy it

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            12. Re: What's with all the camping?

            What can be done:

            Less random clutter.

            More open space.


            Less clutter = less chance of campers randomly avoiding getting spotted because they're just one colored spot among 2000 onscreen objects.


            More open space = less chance of campers actually gunning you down because firefights on longer ranges are more skill-based.

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              13. Re: What's with all the camping?

              No surprise there. In a situation where enemies are spawning all over the map in a completely random pattern, there aren't many places for a defensive player to provide useful overwatch to his team, but there are tons and tons of little corners for him to hide in, of course many players will realize that the only way to play defensively in COD is to be selfish and only guard their own ass.


              I've been saying this over and over, and I guess I'll run though this lecture once more. The maps don't have to be so damn cluttered. There's no need for all those corners and intersections. There should be cover, but most of it should only be waist-high. A player should be able to duck behind an object to make himself harder to hit, but he shouldn't be able to hide so easily. With weapons being as idiot-proof as they are, this may seem like a crazy thing to ask for. But that just means the weapons shouldn't be so damn idiot-proof. But once players can see what they're dealing with using bare eyes rather than some radar gimmick, then the whole experience becomes far less muddled.

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                14. Re: What's with all the camping?

                Anyone taking out a spawn point should get to wear the diarrhea award.  That means your call sign changes for the next 5 matches.  You plugged up the system


                The devs need to figure out how to DM.

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                  15. Re: What's with all the camping?

                  They should be spanking for bad decisions, yet you can still wear the same colors.  They can see how many times you crapped out in a match, and you still get to wear the same colors.




                  Devs, you want to make this right......Monitor some games, take away some awards, and DM this

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                    16. Re: What's with all the camping?

                    The devs are not DM's and they are not going to act as DM's for it would not really be possible with as many games that is going on at one point in time.

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                      17. Re: What's with all the camping?

                      I don't think campers are lazy but in fact find rushing around boring. I am one of those players who throws himself about the spectrum. In Black Ops 2 rushing was dominant and this made the game suck because the balance was tipped in one side of the gaming spectrum.


                      I actually so bored of R&G and tried to do more camping but because of the small maps etc....camping wasn't really all that great either.


                      In my eyes you need camping to balance out rushing. Its like yin and yang. You need to have both at equal status to prevent one being more powerful.

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                        18. Re: What's with all the camping?

                        I've already replied to a thread similar to this but will sound off here too.


                        What constitutes "camping"?  You ask different 10 players, you'll get 10 different replies.  In my opinion, which has severely changed over the course of the past few months within BOPS II, I now describe it as "not running around like a 8 year old hopped up on a 6 pack of Mountain Dew."

                        What I do, and some of my friends, would probably be construed as "camping", but it's not in real life:

                        • Posed somewhere for 5-10 seconds to get your bearings. 
                        • Posed somewhere for 5-10 seconds to listen for gunfire/footsteps/sounds of reloading.
                        • Posed somewhere for 5-10 seconds to use a killstreak.
                        • Posed somewhere for 5-10 seconds to reload a LMG
                        • Posed somewhere, not near a spawn spot, that could also potentially leave me vulnerable after a short time.


                        I'm a firm believer in "shoot & scoot!!"  I can't sit still for much longer then 20-30 seconds.  By that time I've got a couple of kills under my belt & those kills are now coming back looking for me. 


                        I just don't believe in running around, CONSTANTLY, for the full 10 minutes or 75 kills (whatever comes first).  That's stupid and not realistic.  I play smart, not like a hyper-active kid.   My k/d isn't great (~1.24).  But it isn't bad.  Most the time I'm out running around looking for trouble.  I can't sit still long enough for trouble to find me. But I've been called a camper & some people would constitute what I do as camping.  So be it.  I call it playing smart.

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                          19. Re: What's with all the camping?

                          I agree with your understanding of "camping", Stosh_Cowski. I have a similar approach of how and when I camp. I still think camping is abused more often then not. But I've also taken notice that camping tends to be more prevelant on small maps. Which is why I never liked BO2, and will never play it again.


                          Having a variety of map sizes and well designed maps I think is the answer. So far, Ghosts looks like it's tackling that. We are a week away! :-)

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