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        If these players are a problem cause they don't help the team then go play with bots they always help the team and you get XP oh wait they may camp so never mind lol.

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          Give me a "camper" at the B flag over a headless chicken flipping the spawns nonstop any day.

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            No need for the headless chicken insult we are all mature here it would be like me saying campers are legless cows waiting for grass see not so nice is it? Also you are thinking of rushers and sometimes switching the spawn is good when you are getting spawn camped. Runner n Gunners haven't truly been around since Black Ops 1 with the disappearance of big maps. The only successful play styles in Black Ops 2 were campers and rushers same with MW3.Also you didn't read what I posted I was saying some campers don't play the objective so you wouldn't want my camper because they would let anyone capture B if it meant them risking death.

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              RunAndGun1 wrote:


              I agree with your understanding of "camping", Stosh_Cowski. I have a similar approach of how and when I camp. I still think camping is abused more often then not.

              Are there campers yes. Is it abused more often than not, I wouldn't say so. Personally I only consider camping to be hiding by some choke point like a door waiting for someone to exit or teams that defend some small corner of a map.  Case in point.




              Now that's camping! 4:30 of team camping until they run out of ammo. Unfortunately 4 or 5 clowns were doing that last night on Village in the corner by the cave, opposite the well, and less successfully on other maps.


              Too often too many who use dual pistols or submachine guns believe if you are not running around engaging at close range you are camping. If you go up on the roof of terminal and engage from that vantage point I don't consider it camping but way too many do. They expect players who use long range weapons to engage at short range and then they complain about the quick scoping. 


              The last 2 games (MW3 and BO2) had cluster ...... maps with short lines of sight. If you think there is a lot of camping on these maps then you must have thought MW1 and MW2 was a campfest, because with maps like Estate, Cross Fire, Bloc, Wasteland, Overgrown etc etc people migrated to their vantage points and then expected you to engage at range or cross some open kill zone and flush them out.

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                I personally prefer to call them headless adrenaline monkeys.

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                  I prefer to call them(campers) mindless scared pansies.

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                    I love camping in TDM


                    In my eyes the moment that a player rages is the moment I have achieved my mission for the day *evil laugh*


                    In all seriousness though camping is going to be something you see in all FPS and for the most part as long as you play it smart you can avoid campers or take them down.


                    I think one lesson people do need to learn with regards to dealing with campers is not to try and kill him if he's killed you twice already. Why? Because feeding a camper and going 1k-->8 deaths trying to get the guy only hurts your team and while he is racking up his KS or Support Streaks, he's finding your attempts funny.

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                      I prefer not to insult play styles cause I would like for this post to be mature lol. Like I said you saying headless whatever is like me saying legless cows waiting for grass to come to them. lol

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                        Its called defending

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