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    New build question

      Want to go with 6 or 8 cores if I upgrade my processor.   Probably AMD to keep it cheap.  The 6 gigs of ram suggests some Pentium influence, and have also thought about a low level Pentium.  Also have been an avid ATI guy, but like NVidia quite a bit.  Will likely stay with a 500 watt power supply.


      I have a 2.8 triple core phenom and an ATI 4890 with 4 gigs of ram(ddr 3 if I remember, maybe 2) and a 500 watt power supply.  Have windows 7 64 bit.


      Not sure what I want to spend.  My thoughts have also been never spend less than 200 on a graphics card or if so, keep in within 20 to 40 of that mark.




      Would like to keep as much of my build as possible


      2.8 AMD triple core

      4890 ATI

      4 gigs ram

      500 watt power