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    clarification on what we need to purchase please

      I was just sitting back and thinking what we will need to purchase to play ghosts mp?


      Ok, I know the following;

      1. PS4 console
      2. Ghosts game

      Now this is where I am unsure and some input by others would be much appreciated. Play station plus? And will we need to purchase a season pass to get the map packs down the track like we always have? I have also heard the we will be paying to play online, will play station plus, cover online play?



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          Re: clarification on what we need to purchase please

          1)  Season pass is (theoretically) the best way to buy the DLC. Take into account though that with MW3; somewhere around March or April following the launch of the game, they bundled together all the DLC that had been released to that point and put them on sale on the PSN store for less than what people (including myself) who got the season pass paid.

          Now I'm not saying they'll do something like that with the Ghosts DLC, but I'm also not saying they won't..... only because I don't have access to their sales figures from the MW3 "bundle sale".   Hmmm.. I wonder if Crayola has crayon called "Cynic"?


          2)  Yes, you will be required to purchase a PS+ membership to play any / all PS4 online games; this will cover the Ghosts multiplayer.

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            Re: clarification on what we need to purchase please

                 As wolf said, PS+ will cover your online play (plus you get a free game to download every month to play as long as your PS+ is active) and some free avatars and wallpapers and such.  Also, your game saves will be saved on a cloud server, so if your system fails, you still have your save data.


                 I'd imagine the season pass will work as it does now.  You buy them all up front, but will likely have the option to purchase individually.


                 If you use a headset, you likely will need a new one.  Some current ones (newer models I think) will work on the ps4, many will not.

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                Re: clarification on what we need to purchase please

                thanks for the info guys. That's what I thought, just needed some clarification for the minister of finance! In regards to the headsets I currently have the px5 which I know will work for game sound but not for chat. I reckon there will be two ways I can get chat at launch though.

                1. UUse the earbud supplied, stick into ear then put the px5 on. Might be a bit uncomfy though.
                2. get I 2.5 x 3.5 jack adapter and a 3.5 jack cord from the ds4 to the xbox slot in the px5 ear cups .


                I Still think there will be a patch for bt and USB headsets after launch though. I think they are just trying to sell some more headsets b4 launch. It may even be in the day one patch.



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