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    [PS3][PS4][USA] The True S.W.A.T TEAM Wants YOU!

      This is a FAMILY oriented clan, we are non camping and most of us run and gun. We are a small clan but that's what is all about being small in numbers, versatile, quick, and smart, this is clan leader AHAH13 and I'm saying I WANT You in my clan. I am looking for new recruits with or without experience. Most of our clan has the knowledge and skills to teach you the ways of the S.W.A.T especially since my family has been in service for many a generations. From WWII to the VIETNAM WAR, and so forth, with my tactical knowledge, believe me when I say this, We GOT your 6. Stop by and check us out.

      Join my #GhostsMP Clan https://elite.callofduty.com/ghostsclan/c/5523eb7f

      A man that won't stand for something will fall for anything.

      So ask yourself what do you stand for?

      I stand for FAMILY and that's just what my CLAN is all about.


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