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    COD Ghosts Camo still not here!!!

      4 days ago, I redeemed my COD Ghosts code on "WWW.Callofduty.com/camo-redemption" and it says it can take up to 24 hours for it to show up in game. It still hasn't appeared and it's been 4 days.


      1. My ELITE account is linked to my "XBOX Gamertag" and it's the only account linked with it

      2. I Pre-ordered the "Prestige Edition" so the code shouldn't expire until November 4th

      3. Went back to the retail store "EBGAMES" and got a new code and made a "new ELITE account" and linked my "XBOX" account with it and it still doesn't work


      So please do not give me "do this" or "did you do that" answers because I've tried everything you tell the people on this forum with the same problem.

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