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    Clarification of Xbox One Native Resoltuion

      Can someone from IW or Activision please just clarify and give the official word on what the native resolution is for COD: Ghosts on XBox One?


      This seems like it should be pretty easy information to get, and yet we are all left to speculate because of an apparent gag order on releasing the specs. Are we getting 900p? 720p? just give us the official word on what it is so the assuming the worst can be done with, even if it is realizing the worst.


      Screw the politics of harboring industry knowledge because one company doesn't want their image tainted. This information is bound to come out sooner or later, delaying the delivery of this information only limits the opportunity for someone to make an informed decision on which version is truly best for them. I am getting an Xbox One, very excited about it but admittedly frustrated at the cryptic delivery of information I receive regarding the Xbox lineup.

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