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    IW says "They aren't hardcore gamers, or even gamers"

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          It's true. The majority of CoD players are casual gamers, even if they play it a lot. Most players don't give a damn about a competition or about improving their own skills and tactics.


          Also, since this is a quote from IW, I highly doubt the had the PC community in mind, since apparently we don't exist any more for quite some time now.

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            I think IW is casual and not COD.They make COD seems casual,especially in PC that they dont care.The game starts soon and we dont know nothing about the game.Not even the maps(officially).So IW is treats like CASUAL designers.

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                I spent a good week trying to hunt down info for the PC end of Ghosts and lack of info and all the console kid crap made me cancel my Ghosts order. I wanted my female solder so bad yes I am female  but meh I went back to BF screw it,  I did not spend years and thousands of dollars on building my custom rig to play like a xbox. Neither game is perfect but at least with BF games it does not play like a windows for dummies hand book like COD games do now. COD may as well be made for console only as the PC end of COD games now fully suck its official in my mind. And I did want this game but now I just shake my head and walk back to BF3 and 4, as I know I can set my settings in a config and I can rent and build a BF4 ranked server. And oh look a server browser with pings and not silly kid like green bars.

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                    Damn, I wanted to disagree with you so bad, but arguing sound logic would in the end make me look like a moronic fool.


                    Yeah last night I pre-installed BF4; note the "Battlefield 4(64 bit)" I sure hope from beta to now all is fixed.


                    I'll purchase Ghosts on probaly the Xbox, PC and later the $10 fee for Xbox One...but no I'm just some silly ass casual gamer on my $3K rig. F' IW and their smart ass remarks. I just hope Titanfall is damn good!

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                  The biggest problem the PC community has is that 99% of the IW staff are console crunchers. I’ve only heard Mark Rubin say that he plays CoD on the PC. So sadly we have less of a presence at their studios and an even quieter voice. The saving grace is the fact that the next-gen consoles all use PC architecture and hardware, so Ghosts should feel like less of a ‘port’. All we need and ask for is for the basic PC features to be present at launch or at least added post-launch. Let’s all hope that they deliver these features this time around?

                  Now if we had a PC Community manager who is a hardcore #PCGamer, then that would be an entirely different story altogether. As we would have a spokesperson at grass-roots level, beating our drum and voicing our concerns for us daily. But I've rang that bell enough in other threads on here, so maybe IW will eventually take the hint???  

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                    All games that are widely successful every release on multiple platforms can say this same thing. The majority of gamers are casual gamers. The gamers that buy a few games a year like COD and yearly sports releases or GTA, etc. The more widely known the game the more casual players it has.