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    Merged Servers

      I know these companies are competing but what if they merge the servers so that all consoles can play together or they can make it where Xbox 360 plays with the Xbox One players and the PS3 with PS4? I think if they were to merge the servers it may open doors to who people play against hell it might even solve the question everyone wants to know and that is who is the better player? Is it the PlayStation player or the Xbox player or is it the PC player? Or could the Nintendo players be the best? Who knows until they even decide to merge the servers no one will actually know but I do think that the PC players and Nintendo players should merge the reason why I say this is because they both have the same issues when comes to the player base and that is not enough players I mean I have been looking at the threads recently and both players from both systems have the same concerns and that is how many players would be playing for their system. I mean what better way to maximize profits considering both Nintendo and PC players have player base as a deciding factor of if they are getting the game or not. It has nothing to do with competition because the fact Infinity Ward owns their own servers this time meaning they can control them however they want correct me if I am wrong but I am pretty sure the only difference would be graphics when it comes to both games yes they have different coded discs but they are the same game. Personally I think they should consider merging servers if the player base is too small for any system such as Xbox One and Xbox 360 and the PS3 and PS3 and PC and WII-U. What are your thoughts on this matter?