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        30. Re: 4 HC modes at launch...

        HC Search has always been a staple in the HC Playlist. To see it gone from a game that has so much potential is just all around bad. I can already see the flood of threads coming next week from people demanding it.

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          31. Re: 4 HC modes at launch...

          Yeah... if there is really an issue with player base, I would have considered keep the most popular in both modes, and dropped the least in both as well.


          but then that also might not be the right answer... can't please everyone.


          (the other side of the coin of the BAF fiaso is : it forced people to play game modes they hated. I was on that side of fence myself lol)

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            32. Re: 4 HC modes at launch...

            I guess I am going to stick to Core this time around since there isn't HC SND.

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              33. Re: 4 HC modes at launch...

              maccabi wrote:


              well Iw have spoken I have complete trust in Iw to listen and act on feedback unlike a certian other studio who promised to do the same thing and a 80 page thread later nada

              but i think the point is and one that carries over to cod in general there's an element of never buy a pig in a poke nowadays with cod especially for hc which seems to get shafted more and more each year

              Candice Capen @candyslexia2h

              we haven't released any playlist info. & when the game is out it is very simple to update them based on feedback


              I don't doubt they can update, brother.


              I'm 100% bothered with always having to grovel to get HC modes which should just be in the damn game at launch.


              I'm gonna pre-feedback.


              Why wait?

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                34. Re: 4 HC modes at launch...

                I don't understand why they cannot just put KC, TDM, and Cranked all in the same playlist, so that they can have more room for other playlists.


                4 playlists but there would be more modes for HC to play.


                HC TDM, KC, and Cranked.

                HC DOM and Blitz

                HC SND and SNR.

                HC Hunted and Grind.


                Just some examples.

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                  35. Re: 4 HC modes at launch...

                  I think that's a much better option than what we have currently.


                  I was really excited for SNR (let alone good ole' SND)

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                    36. Re: 4 HC modes at launch...

                    If TDM and Domination support Hardcore, that's great!!     Of course more modes should support Hardcore, but they could expand things further for Hardcore post launch,  Hardcore for at least TDM and Domination is pretty standard, there should be more but overall it's ridiculous to miss out on this because Hardcore has minimal support,  fans should just enjoy whatever Hardcore is there, and request IW to dedicate more Hardcore so more people buy COD Ghosts, and IW makes more money,

                    so yea it's jsut a matter of getting IW to see that more Hardcore = more sales.


                    They already won the casual crowd,  they can make MORE success expanding the Hardcore side of things too.  

                    As well as enhancing Hardcore so it's more realistic for professional gamers and teams.

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                      37. Re: 4 HC modes at launch...

                      It is simple Ran and you know it. HC is a smaller player base than Core so will always get a smaller list of game types than core. No matter how much the HC players cry foul. The numbers speak for themselves and there is just not enough HC players to warrant more game types.

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                        38. Re: 4 HC modes at launch...

                        Because players don't like mosh lists.. plain and simple. Fan of one list or another do not like having to fight for their fav game mode.

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                          39. Re: 4 HC modes at launch...

                          I don't think any of us expect to have beaucoup gamemodes for HC. The issue is the fact that SND, which has been a HC gamemode for every COD since MW has been removed.


                          That is almost of deal breaking proportions for some people (me included), and doesn't even get into not having HC:SNR available.

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