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    Let's get Adjustable FoV, right now.

      If there is one thing I feel PC players NEED that is not in already in Ghosts, it's adjustable FoV.


      65 FoV is fine for console gameplay. The typical console player sits at there couch at least 5-10 feet away from their TV. PC players sit with their face about 2 feet away from their monitor, in some cases, even less. Playing up close to the screen while having a low FoV makes it a lot harder to see things because you have to rely a lot more on your peripheral vision. This is also a health issue for many, as it is not natural to have to focus on your peripheral vision for an extended period of time. Many PC players complain of headaches after playing sessions because of this very reason.


      I'm glad it seems that IW devs seem to be paying more attention to the PC platform this time around, but I understandably don't feel they understand the necessity of features such as adjustable FoV.


      I'm not sure how many Devs actually check on the PC part of these forums, but I do know there is quite a few people here, and I want to make sure that they get to this post. To make sure that happens, after I post this thread, I am going to edit it, and add a click-to-tweet link that when you click on it, it will send a tweet to Mark Rubin, Tina Palacios, and Infinity Ward's twitter account kindly asking them to add Adjustable FoV to the PC version of CoD Ghosts and link them to this thread.


      If any of you guys have a twitter account it would greatly be appreciated if you could click this link and help the community out.



      Here is the link:http://clicktotweet.com/sJK1H