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    Tranzit Trophies (Tower of Babble + All Doors)

      If any one wants to help me out on these it would be great, I am trying to get the platinum trophy before PS4 comes out. I will be on Wednesday. Add me my PSN is Hippie666.

      Thank you for any help that you give me, I am really struggling on getting all the doors open with out getting lit on fire... and haven't found any one trying to get the tower of babble trophy..

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          I'm xbox, otherwise I might help ya.

          I got the doors achievement done on custom/easy. The only real difficult spot, I found, was at Farm opening up the house (I went in the back door and out the front). Town, despite all of the lava, wasn't really too big a task. Obviously, be sure to hit all the turbine doors (including the second/back door of shed @ Farm; that one doesn't always open w/ turbine at the front) & PaP, and both bank vault doors... If you do find someone to help ya--- give them money from yer bank, maybe in a separate game. They can open all the doors while you ride the bus in peace and you'll get the trophy.

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            Easy way to do the door one would be split screen, save the last zombie on round 1 get main player on the bus  or safe place and have player 2 go to the bank, get cash and open all the doors, too easy.