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    Weekend FULL of issues

      My son and I were trying all weekend to play on-line and had nothing but problems. I'm sure a lot of this has been covered in other posts - and I have searched but never really come up with a good answer to the problems.


      First off, yes we split-screen. I know a lot of people on here hate split-screeners, etc, etc.....but that's our set up.


      Second, we just upgraded our internet speed (ping was at about 75ms on the old system and is now about 23ms). i'm not sure if this has anything to do with the issues, but it sure seems like we have more problems now, with the fast internet, than we did with the old, slow internet service!


      So here are the issues we were having:


      1. not being able to log into PSN

      2. getting into PSN but not being able to log in to CODBO2 MP

      3. getting into both PSN and MP, and then about a minute into the game, being disconnected from BO2 servers

      4. end one game, try to change lobbies, sit in lobby alone for what seems like forever and then losing the connection to either BO2 servers or PSN.


      We were only able to play one match every 30 minutes or so because once we were kicked out, it would take a good 20-30 minutes to reconnect either to PSN or BO2 servers. Is there any possibility that with our current internet speed, that the servers have a difficult time with it? I'm no computer or internet genius, so I'm just throwing out ideas.


      Here's the strangest one that happened: In the middle of a match and MY part of the screen dims and I get a window that says "downloading game settings", while my son's 1/2 of the screen was fine and he was able to keep playing! Has anyone seen that happen before? It was like I was AFC and actually got shot twice because I couldn't do anything. I'd just re-spawn and stand there unable to move!


      Anyway, I played this afternoon and everything worked fine. Maybe the split-screening is part of the problem? Again, never had issues split-screening on the slower connection. Well, no problems other than lag.

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          Re: Weekend FULL of issues

          It was also the last double exp weekend before ghost comes out I expect more why was I banned threads as well seems like every lobby had someone boosting mod controller or just plain hacked ps3 (all I encountered were reported) I gave up Saturday evening and put dragons dogma back in

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