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        20. Re: Everyone Dont forget to Support SMART Camping! IW You Too!

        So I noticed that MW2 was the last great CoD. It required BOTH skill and thought.

        I find this idea funny. The game was fun, not greatest.


        And when you analyze it vs each subsequent title it lacks in almost every area of balanced weapons, perks and scorestreaks. MW2 was good when it was the newest title because it was better than MW.

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          21. Re: Everyone Dont forget to Support SMART Camping! IW You Too!

          You can do traditional holed-up camping but the maps are huge and you might get bored waiting. I think stop and scoot will be better with these large maps.

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            22. Re: Everyone Dont forget to Support SMART Camping! IW You Too!

            Too bad I don't whine or post anti-camping threads right? Please get over yourself you can't adapt and you never will. Also you and your minions keep posting anti-rusher threads and pro-camping threads your point? Also I didn't mention those games cause they speak for themselves they pretty much had every complaint except Ghost so yea it's not bs you complained in every game about anything involving stealth,speed,stamina,explosives, and counters to equipment and score streaks so yea you campers complain just as much every game. Can't you read I use all play styles not just "rushing" I am a tactical player so again learn to adapt to change just like everyone else self entitled garbage player you make campers look bad. Also I could care less if Ghost works like before or Black Ops 2 I was using that as example of your complaints so again you lose credibility cause you attack anyone who doesn't agree. You are just mad that you can't have your 5.0 K/D handed to you on a silver platter while you play the invincible card cause you don't wanna adapt you just want the game on easy mode.Also campers need rushers to be successful while rushers don't need campers to be successful meaning a lobby full of campers means no movement or kills while a lobby full of rushers will have kills and movement. Get over your ego camping is obviously not a good play style when you need all these handicaps to help you. Learn to adapt if you are so good at using logic.

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              23. Re: Everyone Dont forget to Support SMART Camping! IW You Too!

              I don't whine I attack cry babies like you and the rushers you hate so much so you lost credibility again using your typical rusher immature insults cause you attack anyone who doesn't agree get good please. And no you haven't exposed anyone cause I already exposed myself saying that I attack complainers like you.

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                24. Re: Everyone Dont forget to Support SMART Camping! IW You Too!

                Adapt and overcome chump.

                You want to bunker down and defend a building, play zombies.

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                  25. Re: Everyone Dont forget to Support SMART Camping! IW You Too!

                  Noctis, I do play Zombies.

                  Everytime I go into multiplayer and slaughter waves of noobs like you who have the memory of a gold fish and slam into my claymores 4x in a row. =)


                  I think that its interesting that you people are complaining. Again as the Original post said, no Bad Kids allowed to whine here tonight. So if you disagree with whats being said, then provide your K/D and your GT. Id like to see if anyone whos a decent player also has onesided views against camping. I'm greatly under the impression that much like wheel chair ramps, the only people who are complaining about it are people who are in this case... Video Game Challenged.

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                    26. Re: Everyone Dont forget to Support SMART Camping! IW You Too!

                    i mean if you get killed by a so called camper and your not in hardcore watch the video play back you now know where the dude is and you go kill him, mind you usually smart players will have defense at there backs and around corners so be mindfull and dont run in a guns blazing!


                    Now if you get killed and the dude never moves than yes he is a camper but one that is killing people LOL...very annoying yes but if more people on PSN would actually use their mics and chat rather than hearing random music being played through the mic or some other ridiculous nonsense some team work could be in order!

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                      27. Re: Everyone Dont forget to Support SMART Camping! IW You Too!

                      Its nice to see so many people speak up For Strategic play instead of the other way around. Usually the people who complain about people playing Tactically are so loud and obnoxious that you'd think that it was a horrible thing akin to cheating to play using Tactics over the more brawlly Run n Gun approach.


                      Keep posting and drop IW, Trey, and Activision some e-mails showing support for Tactical play, "camping", strategy or whatever else people call it and our CoD's will get better.


                      Remember if the only people with a voice are the obnoxious whiners then thats who will end up getting catered to because that's all they will be hearing from. If we were more vocal in the begining about MW1 and MW2 being solid and good games then the CoD franchise wouldn't have strayed so far away with its following titles. Like they say, if you dont Vote you only have yourself to blame. So Campers... get out there and B-i-t-c-h a Little. ^_^

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                        28. Re: Everyone Dont forget to Support SMART Camping! IW You Too!

                        They have been complaining since MW2 where the only way to camp successfully to them was OMA noob tube once they took that out of Black Ops 1 and made it where everyone can play with success campers started their complaining about everything that hindered them and killed them. That's why MW3 only caters to camper's needs and why eventually Black Ops 2 catered to campers so your information is incorrect. Also everyone deserves a fair shot so why do you think you should be able to control how people play and their experience? I have no problems with camping I only have a problem with them getting rid of all their counters by complaining about them calling them overpowered.

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                          29. Re: Everyone Dont forget to Support SMART Camping! IW You Too!

                          MW2's all about the hacks.  Even then, all CoD games are easy and don't even require any real skill. JS.

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