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    I'm looking for Ghosts  PS3 clan ( 3.5 kd, Slayer)



      I'm 17 years old, and I'm from the Netherlands.

      I do have a Mic, and speaking english is not a problem. I used to be a member of AtroX, who were really high ranked in MW3, yet the clan is slowly falling apart.


      I sold my BlackOps 2 recently, since I haven't played in months, but I'm going to get active in Ghosts again. Yesterday I started playing mw3 to get ready for Ghosts, It was my first game in like 3/4 months, and dropped a moab mid-game, so I'm back ;-)


      I'm looking for a clan that is going to play clanmatches a lot, and ofcourse a clan that has a really skilled group of players.


      My stats for Blackops 2 :

      - KD : 3.51

      - 61% games won (played solo a lot)

      - SPM : 486


      Comment here,

      Or message me at PSN : ForceHunter1

      Or mail me at : Forcehunter1yt@gmail.com


      For clan matches :

      I'm usually a SMG rushing player, but can play a AR good as well.

      Skilled sniper player.