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    KSG needs a buff


      I dont know about you guys but the KSG is very in-consistent. Some times i will get OHK halfway across the map and other time i will get hitmarkers at almost barrelstuffing range. If the KSG is gonna be difficult to aim with and use then it should atleast have an increase in range. Why should snipers be able to do amazing at CQC and long range yet the KSG which DOES NOT shoot a spread will still get ass loads of hitmarkers?

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          Those hitmarkers are usually caused by lag and not the KSG being UP and needing a buff.

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            The slug round makes it a bit worse in CQC than other shotguns, but its longer range makes up for it. Doesnt really need a buff IMO.

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              Let's keep this on topic - KSG discussion and avoid turning the thread into a back and forth of IWv3arc. Keep it constructive and on point, gentlemen.


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                I'm not sure it needs a buff.  I don't tend to use it because if I use a shotgun it is for CQC and not much else.  If I want long to medium range performance from a gun, I don't expect a shotgun to deliver, as from my experience it is inconsistent and other guns deliver better.  With that being said, I think the KSG is very well balanced, and takes a good amount of skill to use( more so to be proficient than any other shotgun).  For me, it is harder to counter someone who is beast with it then say a Remington, because keeping a little distance doesn't always work.  All you can hope is they miss the first shot. 

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                  Trials is right... some games it's a destroyer and other's it's horrible, but it all comes down to lag screwing you over. 

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                    Yeah, when I opened up the KSG I was scratching my head, too. I hadn't paid attention to the fact it fires only slugs. Whoever it was that gave me the advice, please forgive me for not recalling you - the trick to the KSG is to be ADS every time you pull the trigger. I came up against a team where two guys were running around with R870s thinking they were beast so I went to my SG only class ... forgetting that I had recently set it up with the KSG and not the R870 or S12.


                    Oh, geez. It was a blood fest. They were not happy campers the rest of that match nor the following match.


                    Hipfiring totally sucks with the KSG.