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    [PS4][PS3][USA] The True S.W.A.T TEAM

      Do you like having family, do you want to be a member of something ,ore than just a dumb clan.? How about joining a family? That's what The True S.W.A.T Team is all about. Family oriented since MW2 and well just like any family we have lost some dear people but they have not been forgotten and I am still fighting to keep this family together full and strong. There is but 5 of us officially and 4 other members on the side but I wish to add more to the family I would like to be the first to offer a invitation to a FAMILY that will always have your 6 no matter what, whether it be in gaming life or real life. We are supportive and appreciate everything the team does we dnt put you down we enlighten you teach you and if you have a gameplay that works for you then hey even better you can enlighten us. So how bout it join our family. The True S.W.A.T Team!

      WE GOT YOUR 6!

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