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    What is the deal with pre-orders for Skylanders Swap Force?

      I pre-ordered the game through my local Wal-Mart so I could get it for Christmas for my son.  With the preorder, I was supposed to receive Lightcore Hex.  When I went to the store to get the game, they did not have any in stock.  What is the point of preordering if it isn't going to be there?  Then, I returned to the store a week later.  SUpposedly, they were now in stock but noone could find them.  And to make matters worse, when I stated that I wanted to buy the item elsewhere, but I wanted the free promotional Skylander, the workers at the store said they did not receive any of them to give out to preorders.  My son has been counting down the day for this to come out, but all we have experienced is disappointment.