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    Some helpful info for XBox 360

      One of Swords(Dan Amrich, Activision's Community Manager) Posted this, thought some of you might find it helpful.




      A helpful tip for COD: Ghosts on Xbox 360

      by DAN on OCTOBER 30, 2013

      November 5 is almost here, and if you’re planning to play Call of Duty: Ghosts on Xbox 360, I have a little info to help you make sure you’re properly prepared.

      Ghosts will require a little space and time to install its single-player campaign data. This should be less than 3GB of space, but you’ll want to make sure you’ve either cleared space or you’ve got an appropriate USB flash drive ready.

      Ghosts will play on an Xbox 360 with an internal 4GB flash drive – just use that built-in storage space for the installation. Also, any compatible USB 2.0 flash drive (formatted for Xbox) with enough free space will also work, including thumb drives. If you’re not sure if your thumb drive will work or how to format it for use with your Xbox 360, simply follow these instructions.

      If you’re just planning to head to the multiplayer lobbies first thing, you won’t need to install anything – you can jump in right away, and soak up thatspecial launch weekend of double XP.

      Also, remember that the dynamic MP map Free Fall (a bonus with preorders) is an additional download, so you’ll need a little room for that too. That should be less than 250MB.

      Nothing earth-shattering, but I figured you’d want to be fully prepared for the Ghosts launch. Not long now!