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    Free Agent Competitive Players Read This!!

      BlessTheCursed is currently looking into making two competitive teams on PS3, eventually PS4, starting on Blops2 and moving into Ghosts. One US team and one UK team. For the US team we're looking for three free agents. An objective player, support player, and slayer. For the UK team we're looking for 3 players as well. An anchor, objective, and support player. There will be tryouts held, requirements are must be 17 or older and have a mic. You will also be expected to comply to any and all rules/requirements of the clan. We are a tight nit clan, and are recruiting outside free agents who we hope to invite in just as much as anyone else. We're currently undergoing a lot of changes right now and we're hoping to have this up and going in time for Ghosts. Keep in mind, the people trying you out will NOT be your teammates. The people holding the tryouts are simply leaders and/or officers of the clan. If interested in joining BlessTheCursed in making a name for themselves, e-mail blessthecursed@outlook.com and let me know stuff about you such as age, psn, and any other information you'd like to give me.