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    Reapers Regiment Recruiting [PS3]and [PS4] Ghosts

      Other than simply putting that the RPRR is recruiting i'd like to be a little bit more personable. We are a elite clan with our own website at www.reapersregiment.com I speak from experience when I say that if you join our clan to have fun with other people while playing then you wont be sorry.

      The clan started in October of 2012 and looking forward to hitting the two year mark next October as well.  We are currently preparing for clan wars which is set to start November 25th 2013.  We look for players who are more focused on winning and playing the objective.

      Requirements are as follows:

      1. must but 18 years of age

      2. have a mic

      3. must be an active member in the clan once you join

      4. have a ton of fun and enjoy

      my PSN id is AgentSynner. if you have any questions or comments give me a shout out. Otherwise send us a application on our website (which is hyper-linked below) Happy Hunting Reapers.

      You can find us on the Ghost Application under Reapers Regiment




      Reapers Regiment Official Site  http://reapersregiment.com/