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    bluray drive wear down?

      So I am tempted to go out and buy the digital version of COD Ghost on PSN.

      It is cheaper for me,$59.99 no tax and I don't need to switch disk.


      Also I have 2007? PS3 and not too sure on the health of the bluray drive.

      It seems Ghost will only need 25mb install and that worries me for some reason.

      It will be making more read from the disc and not the hard drive.

      MW3 makes the PS3 really loud at times and seems digital is better for the overall health of my bluray drive.


      Are my concerns justified or am I overreacting,since if my drive dies I can no longer play games. -_-

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          Re: bluray drive wear down?

          I'm worried about this, too. I wish they will allow us to install textures to the HD similar to BO2.

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            Re: bluray drive wear down?

            If you have the HD space and no bandwidth cap by your ISP, go for it.  You can pre-load on the 3rd and be ready to go at midnight.

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                Re: bluray drive wear down?

                Only thing I would miss is the box -_-


                I have 22gbs which should be enough overall.

                I also just delete installs after I've done with games.


                I get around 1.0-1.8mb(maybe more)

                So leaving it overnight and having it shut itself off when done should work out.

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                Re: bluray drive wear down?

                If it were for the PC, I'd go digital, but I always tend to trade in  consoles for new ones, so I'll never buy digital for a console. I want to be able to trade the game later when I get a PS4


                Being that a used PS3, even the super slim, is only $159, I'm not worried about losing the blu ray drive. I'd just got get a used one if that happened.

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                  Re: bluray drive wear down?

                  If you are going to stick with PS3 for a while I would get a large hard drive for your PS3. You can get a nice 500GB hard drive for the price of a game and be able to download anything you want from PSN. Upgrade the game to PS4 later when you have one without having to keep disks.

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                    Re: bluray drive wear down?

                    I'm hoping that 25mb install is the minimum install and we still have the option to do a texture install like BO2 had.  I talked to Mark Rubin (IW Executive Producer) about this personally and would be very disappointed if Ghosts doesn't have a texture install.


                    BO2 I never heard my Bluray drive and MW3 its running all the time.

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