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    How is this innovation?

      Seriously.  If you're going to make a game mode that rips off zombies and horde, just admit it.  Don't act all proud and claim it's innovative and new, because it isn't.  Gears has been doing it for years, Treyarch has been doing it for years.  Are they really this desperate to keep up with Treyarch? 

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          get over it. its something new and we should be thankfull. you are why people cant have nice things.

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            Infinity Ward isn't trying to keep up with anyone they sell way more the Gears of War and as for Treyarch that company couldn't even beat MW3 so they aren't trying to keep up with anyone. Also it is innovation because the fact you have a chance at beating it now on Zombies by round 10 they were slow moving Juggernauts and sometimes they ran all Zombies does is have the zombies gain health every round then they added about 3 or 4 zombies every other round oh and the weapons were luck based. Besides you haven't even played Extinction so you can be like it's just zombies with aliens cause it's not even out yet wait until you play it then you can go on these forums and attack the devs.

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              Sorry Rogue but you're an idiot. According to you, any wave-based game mode from now on is a rip-off of Zombies. Oh and according to your "logic" Treyarch using killstreaks and perks in their multiplayer is a rip-off. After all, IW invented the perk system and killstreaks in MW1. And by the way, Extinction is a new experience for all of us to enjoy, not criticize. And you saying IW is trying to "keep up" with Treyarch makes you even more of an idiot. Infinity Ward is the reason Treyarch even has it's status, MW1 totally reinvented shooters and made COD the top dog in video games so as I said before... you're an idiot.

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                Sometimes teaming up with friends is a nice way to get away from the in-tactile fast paced game play. Spec Ops is something I looked forward too in IW's games, and Zombies is something that I look forward to in 3arc's games. I can say I liked Spec Ops a bit better than zombies because you're not just fighting with a friend to make a record, but you're fighting with a friend to accomplish a mission. Fighting to accomplish a mission just seems so much more fun to me.


                In other words I really hope IW doesn't completely veto Spec Ops missions. If so, please make campaign mode co-op accessible.

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                  Come on guys. Well all know IW is doing this as an answer to zombies. It looks fun though. Ghosts is starting to look better and better each day.

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                      Yep, not only that but this is something the fans have wanted since back when MW2 was announced, after WaW had zombies as an easter-egg, people rumored that MW2 would have "aliens mode" or "alien terrorist" now years later in ghosts we have this

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                          IT IS NEW!!


                          Call of Duty never had Extinction mode before.    (zombies =/= aliens)


                          Call of Duty never had the combination of features Ghosts has with this new mode.   (so for example combine the fact you

                          can create your own soldier and use them in the modes, and combine that with Extinction mode, so basically players can fight aliens as their preferred created character. That's a huge deal for a lot of gamers that want character creation, and want a mode where they fight aliens in Call of Duty.)


                          all the other videogames that have aliens are NOT EXACTLY LIKE THIS!!  Call of Duty + Aliens is a different kind of aliens outbreak experience.

                          So this is a NEW flavor of military vs. aliens.

                          This is new to the franchise. 


                          There is enough new things about it that makes it NEW experience for Call of Duty fans, alien fans, and shooter fans alike.


                          Don't even try to understand something you aren't interested in!!!!  You will just end up being labeled as clueless and foolish.


                          It really DOES count as INNOVATION for the franchise itself, and the theme itself.   GoW, Halo, Resistence, etc. NONE OF THEM match this flavor of military vs. aliens experience, Call of Duty style.

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                        reminds me of a first person versios of starcraft...

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                          Who's the idiot that said Treyarch couldn't beat MW3.  That's an opinion, not a fact.  BO2 smashed MW3's records.  Every CoD has consecutively outsold the next. 

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                            If you had played the game, then I would have suggested you bring constructive feedback in on how the game mode could be better and, by your standards, more innovative. Unfortunately you've not and this thread has spun into a developer/title war.


                            Locking this thread. Once you've obtained a copy after the 5th feel free to try again. This is, at most, a knee-jerk reaction.