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    how realistic and hardcore is Hardcore now?


      Oh yea any word what hardcore is like now? Like Hardcore TDM for example,  like is HC TDM like:


      *there's no respawns

      *sprinting is limited, greatly reduces accuracy and there is fatigue (developers have sprinted in the office to test how long they can sprint, with gear on, before they are tired, then time how long before they have full energy to sprint as much as they did before.  They can really get authentic realistic sprinting settings with live tests.)

      * movement speed is slower and more realistic

      * guns/weapons all do realistic lethal damage.

      * accuracy is low after quickscoping until at least 3 seconds have passed. 

      * reloading loses unused ammo. 

      * no HUD


      is HC in COD Ghosts going to make TDM like a realistic hardcore team survival version of TDM?     That could really add a whole hardcore way to play.   And there could be hardcore leagues and greater emphasis on teamwork, caution, use of enviornment and survival. 

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          A Canadian

          Play a Tom Clancy game or America's Army if you want realism because you won't get that from a Call of Duty game.

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              Then what's the point of hardcore?       Anyways,  COD can supply modes and settings for realism fans, while still holding onto the modes and rules/settings for the mainstream fans.   It is beneficial to expand and support a realistic version of COD within alternate modes, that can open up a whole tidal wave of more fans and more ways to enjoy COD.   And like any mode/setting,  it would be optional, so traditional COD fans don't have to choose the realistic side of COD.   COD doesn't have to be one thing or the other, it can be both with the options to choose what style players want to play it as.


              With a true realistic hardcore setting,  COD can be things that AA and other simulators can't match.  Because COD Ghosts has a combination of features and content, that is exclusive to its own franchise in how its delivered.  So combine COD style with the option for a revolutionary more realistic style, and you could easily provide two different multiplayer experiences in one, for both casuals and hardcore.    So that obviously generates more interest, more sales, and more success.   


              Well yea up to them, but while arcade fans outnumber realism fans, the amount of more people that would play COD multiplayer,  if it included an authentic realistic setting with authentic realistic movement, damage, reloads, and no respawns,  you can't laugh at the numbers of more people that would buy COD for that instead of anything else.