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    LTLS Clan Recruiting for GHOSTS!!

      LTLS (The Littles) Is now recruiting for Call Of Duty Ghosts. The clan is ranked in the MW3 leaderboards, we have customs emblem and titles as well as a gold clan tag. We did not take part in any Black Ops clan operations.

      The clan is now fully centered around Call Of Duty Ghosts. Clans are a big deal in Ghosts and now is your chance to enter a growing clan who are reliable and dedicated to doing well. Want to reap the special rewards you unlock in Ghosts for being in a clan? Then JOIN US!!


      Why Join LTLS?

      We are a good clan with only 6 members. We achieve gold in almost all clan challenges and operations. So ranking up in Ghosts will be a easy with your help. We will be unlocking cool and unique stuff in no time. Also i own a HD PVR. So i will eventually be creating a clan Youtube page to post YOUR best moments, or send the file to you and let you do with it as you please. I also own a growing Youtube page, so the bigger it gets, the bigger WE get.


      What are we looking for?

      We would rather play with someone who knows the game and wants to do well, rather than someone from a public lobby. So the only requirement we have is that you are not completely terrible. We are not worried about KD or win loss ratio as Ghosts is a whole new game. Just join us, take part and help us grow.


      How to apply?

      Check out this video and leave your gamertag for an invite to LTLS:


      Or message me on Youtube directly: