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    An alterntive perk.

      So many different perk ideas have been tried in zombies, but there are always some perks that show up on every map with perks available, with only a few exceptions, such as Juggernog not being present on cell block, double tap root beer was not on Ascension, and Mule Kick Soda was the only perk on the Black Ops version of Nacht Der Untoten. This has led to possibly some of the same perk choices being the only really good ones on many maps. The Double tap 2.0+Juggernog+Speed Cola+some other perk has been, at least in my opinion, the only really smart choice of perks on zombies maps since the upgrade from double tap 1. I know this is nothing new, as after Ascension you got much the same result, but with PHD Flopper in place of double tap. Still it has made the choice of perk selection a bit boring for me. I'm a bit tired of only being able to choose a certain perk setup without feeling like I am handicapping myself. In particular, although I know that Juggernog is a staple of zombies mode at this point, I am a bit disappointed that so far there have been no alternatives to it. After thinking about this I stated wondering what individuals here would think of the idea of perks that function exclusively from one another, that is perks that enable the player to purchase one perk or another, but not both. For example, would it be possible to have an alternative perk to Juggernog, one that can be purchased in place of Juggernog, but not along with it. Maybe a perk that does not increase health, but regeneration time, and prevents double swipes by zombies for example. I'm not going to claim the I know anything about good perk design or anything, but I do wish I could change up my perk selection a bit more.