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    What do you guys expect from next patch?

      What do you guys expect from next patch? I want :

      1. quickscope nerf

      2. target finder nerf

      3. C4 fix , sometimes my C4 blows next to a guy and nothing happens

      4. PDW - MSMC recoil buff , or at least MSMC, cuz the description says low recoil gun

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          Re: What do you guys expect from next patch?

          No to the MSMC, PDW recoil reduction. If you use them for medium to close quarters AS THEY WERE DESIGNED this is NOT an issue.


          Nothing to fix with the target finder, other than the random few times it will light up without an enemy near


          C4 needs FIXED by adding a delay to the trigger so it cannot be detonated almost instantly, and the thrown range cut down by about 50%.


          Quickscoping will never be "right" until they make the snipers not able to fire until fully scoped in.

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            Re: What do you guys expect from next patch?

            The game is done. There won't be another significant change.

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              Re: What do you guys expect from next patch?

              Well considering the fact that technically BO2 is finished they wont fix these things.


              They didnt fix them in the last year so why would they start now.


              Number 1,2, and 4 are your opinions. They dont fix opinions unless its the majority of players. They already did one tweaked to nerf some quickscoping.


              As for number 3 there could be a thing called lag which makes you think the C4 is next to you.


              Cant wait til the next game in a few days. First I will laugh my tail off if there is quickscoping even though I dont quickscope.


              But the two things I look forward to are the repetitive yearly post AND when people complain about the lag with dedicated servers.


              So who are they going to blame next since they wanted dedicated servers to get rid of the lag which is (of course) the reason they got their butts handed to them.

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                  Re: What do you guys expect from next patch?

                  It really wasn't the lag, but the lag compensation. This will still be there even with dedicated servers. The only differences people will notice are the games where there are no 4 bar players and no migrating host screens. All I ask is that the lag compensation be dialed into what it was during the COD4, MW2, and W@W days. I had no issues with BO1, but some people did, and MW3 and BO2 was VERY hit or miss with me. I could tell either way if I was on the good or bad side.


                  Perfect example is on RAID. When I spawn into the game and we are on the kitchen side, I run towards the statue breaking the glass by the sniper house. If I am on the good side of lag comp I can bust the glass with ONE BURST of my SWAT556, when I am on the bad side it takes 2-3 bursts. I usually can adjust my play accordingly as to which side I am on.

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