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    lost islands data reset to level one

      I am ashamed to say I spent too much money on gems to advance my gameplay and reached level 36 with around 80 skylanders and all their necessary homes and gizmos etc., Now I am back at level one and am very angry not just for the loss of everything in the game but for the fact that my 7 year old grandson cannot continue to play. I am the only person he can share with on fb.  I have read complaints on sites that this has happened to many people with no efforts by anyone to resolve the issue.  I will be reasonable and just ask for my game data back unless of course there has been a CLOUDBURST and if that is what has happened, I want my money back(especially for the gems I purchased just before the game reset}.  I wouldn't mind someone helping with this before I return the PS games I bought him for the holidays.

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          Greetings Gradman-in-NS,


          I am quite sorry to hear about your reset Lost Islands issue. In order to further look into this matter for you, I will need the following information:

          •Activate Name

          •Real world currency invested

          •Other than Ramses, is anything else missing from your account

          •Activate Name

          •Real world currency used on account

          •Level before/after the reset occurred

          •Device being used

          •Date the issue occurred

          •Game Version





          ATVI Support