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    drop shotting is the new quickscoping!


      I've seen a dramatic change in the amount of quickscopers out there.  Probably because there just aren't enough maps to warrent a sniper rifle!?  Anyways, I'm seeing that there are just as many drop shotters (<-strange new word) as there used to be qscopers!?  I know my game has to change, as it did with rainbow six vegas one and two, where I had to start aiming for the abodomen and not the shoulders.  I knew I would be filling brains when a dude would crouch, ideally.   Im not liking that its a split second thing either, going from standing to full out prone in a matter of miliseconds!?  Its exactly like shield campers droping and popping on any bottleneck in any map.  Dropshotting is also a somewhat unrealistic form of close quarters combat, in my opinion?   Once you've droped and I've successfully strafed you, your screwed because you cant rotate as much.  Anyhow, its just another strange new thing going on.  Is it cheating?

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          Drop shooting is not new; it has been around as long as I can remember.

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            When I first started playing, I would panic and mash the L3 button in a fire fight, effectively drop shotting.  Once I realized it can be effective in some cases, I added it to my list of options and still use it against certain opponents (always hip fire with a level gun and move side to side in CQB.)  If you do not get the quick kill you are a dead man because of the inability to strafe which means you have a long time to get back on target and you are just lying there, unable to move, waiting to get shot.  It's only effective against opponents that do not move the gun barrel, just their body, once firing begins.


            How you could even consider this cheating baffles me. If this is cheating, why wouldn't body strafing be cheating too?  I mean to use your term, it is "unrealistic" in a real CQB firefight to keep your gun barrel stationary and move your body left and right instead of moving the gun barrel which in real life is hella faster. At a minimum, I would think bunny hop strafing would be considered cheating before drop shotting.  I mean really, a 2 meter vertical and ability to change directions in mid air? Really?

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              It's not cheating but it needs to be addressed because of the bad camera angles and lag issues that have plagued the game since Black Ops 1.