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    Difference Between PS4 and PS3 Disc ?

      Is there a legit difference between the 2 discs as in graphics, gameplay, content etc? Just asking because I see no reason why people wouldn't buy the PS3 version and do the upgrade to have the ability to play on both consoles .

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          Very Interesting Question Mabye On Launch We Shall Try And Find Out

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            I believe with the upgrade they trade you your ps3 version for their ps4 version. I don't think you get to keep both discs. Correct me if i'm wrong.

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                Depends on how you do the upgrade.


                If you do it at a retailer (not all retailers are doing it), they give you decent credit towards the PS4 disc


                If you do it through Sony online, you do a digital download of the PS4 version.  Therefore you have the PS3 disc and PS4 digital.


                (you can also have no disc, and both the PS3 and PS4 versions for $69.99+tax: Buy it on PS3 and download it for $10 on the PS4)

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                FFrom what I have read... Once you have the ps3 ver, play it till the ps4 launch. Once you have your ps4 put in the ps3 disc with the upgrade code that you get with the ps3 disc go to the psn store put in the code pay $ 9.99 and it will be a ps4 disc.

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                  I don't know the physical difference between having the PS3 disc rather than waiting for PS4.  If you buy the PS3 version you have a couple of options.  1.  Buy the PS3 version then trade it in physically when the 4 comes out (eg at GAME where they will give a £40 trade-in value); or 2.  In the box of the 3 version is a code to redeem at the PS Store (for £9.99) which will allow you to download a patch when you have the PS4.  You will continue to use the PS3 disc to play the PS4 version but it will be the PS4 game.


                  Checking the FAQ section on the Playstation website (which is well worth looking at) confirms that you will be able to use the PS3 disc in either console even after redeeming the code for the upgrade  (so you could take your disc and play on someone else's PS3 - logging into your own account - and keep your levels, etc)

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                    PS3 - 720p, no groundwar, simple improved MW3 engine
                    PS4- 1080p, groundwar is added, more graphical features e.g. added lighting + textures


                    Same content on both except the game mode groundwar
                    Overall the PS4 has higher resolution and graphics which should improve the look of the game vastly from the PS3 version


                    But that is the only difference between the two, i myself am getting the Hardened Edition for the PS3 and upgrading it later, there is no reason why not xD