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    Ps3 To Ps4 Transfer

      If I Were To Buy Cod Ghosts For Ps3 And Level Up Then Purchase The Ps4 Version And I Transfer My Data, Correct ?

      So After I Transferred My Data Onto Ps4 If I Go Play Ps3 CodGhosts And Lets Say Gain A Level Or 2 Will It Transfer Agian As I Proceed Through Multiplayer ?

      Or Will I Have To Go Through A Whole Transfer Process Everytime I Play Ghosts On Ps3 ?

      (The Same PSN Account Is Being Used BTW)


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          Re: Ps3 To Ps4 Transfer

          As long as both consoles are linked to elite you can continue to rank up on either console with stats going back and forth this was confirmed a while back I believe. Example rank up to level 20 on ps3 play ps4 and rank up to level 30 go back to ps3 and go from 30 to 40 and so on..

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