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    [CL] Crimson Lance || Recruiting BlackOps2/Ghost || PS4/ PS3/XBOX ONE/XBOX 360 || Apply Today

      Want to a lead a team onto the virtual battlefield? To call the shots that leads your team to victory?


      Well Crimson Lance is actively seeking players with leadership experience or potential to join our ranks. And now is the perfect time to join!


      Crimson Lance is a brand new gaming clan, with a unique ideology! Want to join a Team, be a member of a tight knit group, DO IT! Want to lead a team, call the shots, DO IT!


      With tons of leadership opportunities available, and at a crucial moment in our evolution, now is exactly the time to join Crimson Lance!


      * Looking for players who can play as a team and know how to have fun.


      * 16 years and older.


      * Looking for members who are on a near daily basis


      * We focus highly on communication, so if you don't talk, don't bother to apply.


      * Only interested in dedicated and serious team players who are looking for a long term team.

      We also Offer

      * Ranks/Promotions

      * Competitions

      * Squads




      *And much more!


      Play Call of Duty as it was meant to be played. As a Team! Stop "lone-wolfing" it, stop playing with inexperienced randoms, or folks just out for themselves. Find out what it means, not just to win a game, but dominate it!


      Visit http://CrimsonLance.net for more details and to apply today!



      Crimson Lance Member

      1st Battalion