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    Issues with Call Of Duty Ghosts

      After playing Call of Duty Ghosts multiplayer, ive found a few things that could be changed about the game.


      1. Health issues, dying in 1 or 2 hit markers.

      2. UAV issues, why have the maps been increased in size but the UAV pretty much removed from the game?

      3. The spawns are all over the place at the moment on standard game modes such as TDM and kill confirmed.

      4. The change of the standard call of duty map, seeing an increase in high windows and vantage points making the game play very different and sometimes not enjoyable.

      5. Snipers being one shot kill in the legs and with silencer attachment.

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          enough about the health issues, its a good thing that players die quicker! instead of noobs sponging

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            This thread should not have been made. There are A LOT of people who dont have the game yet because we are waiting for the release.


            DONT POST SPOILERS!!!!!

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              At least 3 of those things that you have named, I have actually been waiting for Call of Duty to have. Snipers being one-shot kill to the legs? Finally. No one can survive a 50 Cal. bullet to the legs, and even with a silencer? Good, at least now snipers can actually play a stealthy role in the battlefield. Dying in 1 or 2 hitmarkers? How many shots do you actually expect to take? "Seeing an increase in high windows and vantage points making the gameplay very different and sometimes not enjoyable." Sounds like you're one of those players that like to run around like a headless chicken in open areas expecting not to get killed by a sniper. It's about time COD caters a little more to the sniping community and actually give them a fair chance against everyone else.

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                YES! The health system is TERRIBLE! People talk about real life, but where in COD is real life things taking place? IT'S CALL OF DUTY! No drop shots are taking place in the army, no quick scopes and no scopes from 100 miles away LOL! So you noobs real life arguments are just out of the question. Period. Give good players a chance to get away from noobs camping in corners.

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                  1. Infinity Ward will patch the health if it's an actual problem.
                  2. After you get two Sat Coms it becomes an UAV so this information isn't true.
                  3. Learn to adapt and stop exploiting spawns. Just because the spawns aren't predictable doesn't mean their bad it means they are harder to exploit.
                  4. Get that camper/rusher mentality out your gaming and learn to adapt just because something isn't predictable doesn't mean it's bad it's actually good so over garbage control freaks ruining the game because the game doesn't cater to them.
                  5. Snipers no longer have any help anymore from aim assist or sticky aim so I actually support this because now I can be a truly stealth sniper.
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                    Well another huge thing i was about to say is the leveling up is way too slow, for 9 hours of playing which i have played for i should be way above the level 24 i am currently at. Before anyone says your a terrible player get no kills my k/d is 1.9 and i play objective so im not lacking in that department.


                    I understand people saying that the spawns being less readable makes the game easier for everyone, but the fact is that killing a player and that player spawning right behind you is not acceptable or okay.


                    If a normal SMG / assault takes a range loss than the sniper should too when using the silencer.

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                        Hate to rain on your parade but snipers are ten times more powerful then those guns so no it doesn't need a range nerf I mean seriously what's so bad about snipers being actual stealthy snipers or just a sniper in general I thought you hated quickscopers and here you are trying to make a reason to quickscope by making them useless from a distance yet again. Also you only have one prestige per soldier what do you expect? Of course it's going to take longer to level up.

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                        Im glad there are static spawns. This reinforces my decision to keep on playing COD. Tired of little kids just sprinting to the other spawn area and stalking it for kills.

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                            Exactly. Crybabies need to be quiet. Its sad enough these people think they need a couple extra days head start. Then they complain because they still suck!

                            Cmon guys. Stop complaining. The game isn't even out yet.


                            Oh and by the way, to the dude COMPLAINING because you are ONLY 24 levels ahead of the general public... seriously, you are complaining about not getting a far enough head start? You must be BAD...

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                              Yea and someone just sitting in front of your spawn killing you as you spawn up is so much better right? Learn to adapt spawn exploiter and hate to burst your bubble Ghosts doesn't have static spawns unless you play Search and Rescue. Want to spawn kill and spawn camp go play Battlefield 3.

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                              Im not complaining, how can i complain im playing the game before you now you sound mad stop getting so worked up its okay mate you only have to wait 7 hours and 40 minutes to get the game.

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                                I'm glad you brought up the Sat Comm issue.


                                I just don't understand why they would adjust or alter a basic CoD concept that has worked fine.


                                What was wrong with the UAv previously? Nothing at all.


                                Huge maps, with no conventional UAVs, means that everyone is running (slowly...) around the map clueless.


                                If I can sum up my early experience on CoD in one phrase, it's also the same phrase that I've heard the most inlobbies:


                                "Where the hell is everybody?"