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    I guess IW doesn't want me to play solo

      Ever since HC Dom came out in Black Ops 2, I had a gametype where I could do great without rolling in a full team of pseudo-tryhards. I may not have been able to carry my teammates to victory all the time, but I could backpack them around until the match ended while making things a little easier for them. I stopped playing Core solo because I'd always get paired up with retards, and since you can't kill someone nearly as fast in Core as you can HC, i'd have people using the butt buddy system like Halo, and i'd might be trading kills with the other team instead of getting triples and quads every other minute. A lot of the other game modes are too frustrating to play solo because of either the amount of special teammates, or because it's Core. It looks like i'm going back to the old days where if my friends aren't on, I don't play at all.