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    Come on people, why all the crying?

      This has to be one of the best day launch games (FPS) that we have been given in a long time. Yes there are some bugs to be worked out, but can't we just be thankful this isn't a nightmare like BO2's launch? Remember back to MW3 where most couldn't even connect on launch? The hit detection though sometimes inconstant is far better then that of BO2. The class system is amazing. The maps, well balanced with some CQ and some fairly open maps giving sniper rifles a fighting chance without the need to QS. I guess my end point is this, be patient the game has only been out a few hours for most people. Give them a chance to evaluate  the game and make the corrections needed.


      Fire away.

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          I have to agree with this Infinity Ward has been known to make a game better while Treyarch makes the game worse then launch by breaking it even more. MW3 is a fine example even though there were still 4 overpowered guns people could still out gun them if they were better. So I predict in later November the game should be made better.

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            This game seems better than MW3 and BO2. I'll wait to see what it's like when all the masses are on tonight.

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              played most of the day.really enjoying it.

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                Give them kudos for setting up those "test servers"


                Good to hear this wasnt like the GTA online fiasco.


                11 and a half more hours til UPS

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                  The spawns are freaking atrocious.  Enough said.  I could be on one side of the map yet no one will spawn EVER, or I am in the middle of combat and BOTH teams are spawning on me.  The spawn system in Ghosts is a complete joke.  Just my little rant for the day because I can not play OBJ gamemodes until this is fixed.  TDM is the only gamemode that is remotely playable in Ghosts besides SNR.


                  I would actually take the BO2's launch spawn system over this any day.


                  Another thing when will the dedicated server be up?  Because I have been dashboarded on at least 5 times in the past 5 hours.

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                    I haven't been able to download the update patch - likely the fault of MS since I keep getting an XBL error - but still, is it too much to ask that a big title like this come ready to go out of the box?  OK - that's my (very minor) gripe out of the way.  Fortunately, the good folks over at IW/Raven have included a very robust offline mode with bots so I've still been able to start getting a feel for the game and some of the weapons.


                    Playing offline isn’t a true reflection of what playing against living breathing opponents is like or how the connectivity is, but it gives enough of an idea to form some early thoughts and opinions. 


                    Things I like (so far):


                    The Perks system – This has just been really well thought out from what I can see and a fantastic development of the Pick 10 concept.  You really have to think hard about how you put your classes together and there really doesn’t seem to be that one size fits all class set-up. 


                    Map design – They said the maps were going to be suitable for all sorts of ranges of combat and they really weren’t lying.  There’s some great open areas/lines of sight for snipers and marksmen, narrow corridors for shotguns and SMGs, different levels, flank routes and they’re not all tiny. Some of them are so big that they could do with a Google Maps perk!  Such variety of design and consideration of a multitude of different play styles is very welcome.


                    Footsteps are back – no longer is the battlefield littered with tabi-boot wearing ninjas that can sprint up behind you in complete silence.  The return of this extra sense of awareness is very welcome.


                    The robust offline MP modes – I’d have been super-miffed at not being able to play online after queuing at midnight if it weren’t for this.  We’ve wanted this in an IW game for quite a while and now we have it.


                    Sliding and Vaulting – they’re just cool (even if I’m not very good at either yet)


                    The Maniac Suit – hella fun


                    Things I’m concerned about:


                    The Maniac Suit – that thing could be OP as heck in the right hands


                    Knifing – the slash seems to be a little too effective


                    Big maps are very dull in TDM with only 6v6.  I even threw the enemy bot count up to 7-8 and still had to run around for quite a while to find anyone on that map with the castle and the prison one.  Haven’t tried FFA yet, but I would imagine it might be the same.  It’s a shame there’s no GW option.


                    Hardcore – 3 modes? C’mon now that’s just very poor showing


                    TTK in core – some of the guns seem to kill a little too quickly.  Experienced quite a few insta-deaths and that was without any latency. If the connection is not up to par that has the potential to be very frustrating.  I play a lot of HC, so I


                    Snipers killing to the leg – now I LOVE sniping and quickscoping and all that sort of stuff, but really, there’s no need for a sniper to be able to kill in the leg.  If you can’t hit someone waist-up with your sniper you definitely don’t deserve the kill.


                    Spawns – why on a map the size of the Mojave desert would you spawn me right in view of an enemy player? Surely there is somewhere a bit safer to put me back. 


                    As I’ve said those are some early thoughts and opinions based on some limited play.  It’s waaaaaaay to early to pass judgement overall so we’ll just see how it goes and give it time.  It’s a different game to BO2 and there’s a learning curve and an adjustment to be made. 

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                        i agree to everything you said, and yeah idk why theres all these people complaining ive been on here five minuites and i see like 6 post about how "bad" the game is and they only state things that they can fix themselves. this one guy was talking about how he hated that everyone camped with amplify and ieds when the easy fix is dead silence and sit rep. people just need to learn how to play the game and quit whining becuase there k/d is probably crap and so they automatically hate the game and say it needs to change then what happens is the people change the game and then its worse, look at gears judgement that game was amazing for the first week then they changed the shotgun because people were complaining and changed all these other things and now absolutely no one plays that game please dont change stuff on ghosts because these horrible kids are whining.

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                            I eventually did get to play online and have about 30 hours logged so I had time to form a better overall opinion.  Sadly, I've found Ghosts to be a frustrating game.  The spawns are killing me.... literally... I just played a match on Stonehaven where I spawned into gunfire and this sort of thing happens all too frequently.  The pacing of the matches on some of the bigger maps is horribly slow and everyone seems to be taking a much more campy approach, and I can't blame them given how devastatingly quick you die in this game and from so many angles.  Some of the maps are horribly designed too, Siege, Sovereign, Flooded, and Chasm are possibly the 4 worst maps I've ever had the misfortune to play on. Of course, EVERY CoD has had some terrible maps and I still think there's a lot of cool stuff in this CoD though, There are some maps that I really enjoy, Octane, Warhawk, Stonehaven, Whiteout, Strikezone.  The squad points unlock system is brilliant, as is the perks system.  I like that the game isn't focused on aerial killstreaks and much more on gun v gun and I think if they fix the spawns and people feel like they can move around a bit more freely it might make the game flow a bit better.  I would also like to see 9v9 on some of the bigger maps.  I'm interested to play it on next gen and see if it fares any better there.  It seems like the game is much brighter and the colours are richer, and me being not as young as springtime any more it might help with the problem I have picking out enemy players. 

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                          Its been a pretty solid launch IMO.  So far the game looks pretty good too.


                          There is far to much war torn rubble on almost every map (ugly, and hard to identify targets) and the killspeeds are too high.  Other than that I think they have done a good job.  This game looks far more promising than MW3 or BO2 ever did.

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                            Great first impression early this morning! Hope to continue the enjoyment today. Feels very different in a great way from the past titles. A little bit of MW3 and something completely new.

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                              devidog_kyle wrote:


                              This has to be one of the best day launch games (FPS) that we have been given in a long time.

                              "Best" compared to what other launch days?  I have to say personally it has been one of the least eventful for me. 

                              Yes there are some bugs to be worked out, but can't we just be thankful this isn't a nightmare like BO2's launch?

                              Can't disagree with you here. 

                              The maps, well balanced with some CQ and some fairly open maps giving sniper rifles a fighting chance without the need to QS.

                              I am hopeful because the buzz around the maps seems to be positive.  If it turns out to be correct, I just might buy it.