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    Flickering/Flashing textures HELP.

      All of the scopes on weapons etc. Are flickering/flashing. How do i fix this?


      Anyone else got the problem?

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          Are you running the game in SLI (Two graphics cards) ?

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            I am having the same issues.


            And yes i'm running 3 GPUs in SLI.  Seeing how this is a nvidia game, i hope that would not be the problem.

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                Do you have the latest drivers ?


                Also have you tried this ?


                #4 – Call of Duty Ghosts Flickering Fix

                If you are running the game on SLI or crossfire config, you might experience certain parts of your weapons (Attachments – silencer, scope) flicker a bit. To fix that issue, you will have to run the game on single card settings.

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                I'm running a single GTX 590. Updated my drivers etc. Nothing helped.

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                  Same issue here.  Flickering gun sites with SLI enabled.  I'm running 2X SLI GTX 580s with 331.65 WHQL drivers installed under Win7 x64 and Aero desktop theme disabled.  Very frustrating.

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                    Yep, same exact problem here with twin GTX 460s in SLI.  I have posted this as a topic myself just recently.  I have the latest drivers and blah blah but nothing works.  Sad to say but hopefully enough of us have this issue for someone to notice and fix it.  VERY distracting while playing!  If the solution is to not run in SLI as some have suggested then I have 2 things to say in response:  1) Nvidia should be ashamed and embarrassed and 2) My next video card purchase will be ATI, guaranteed.

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                      i was having the same issue with gtx590 SLI so i disabled SLI and it fixed it, tbh SLI made the game overall worse in the way of stuttering and such

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                        Forgot to mention that Nvidia doesn't even have Nvidia Experience Optimal Settings for COD Ghosts yet...Uhhhhh WTF? How long has this game been in development prior to release? Cmon Nvidia lets take the tarnish off your badge here quickly.

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                          Same Here, SLI 2 560Ti's, updated drivers and re-installed game and still having these flickers

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                            Hello! I have a core I7 2600K 3,4 Ghz with 8 GB of RAM and 2X GTX570 in SLI

                            I have the same probleme  the weapon scopes and some other objects on the map are flickering only when SLI is On.

                            If  SLI is Off there is no more flickering and also my FPS are higher when SLI is disabled ....

                            Can anyone confirm that Ghost not useing SLI yet ?

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                              There's a new driver out today "GeForce 331.82 WHQL Drivers" I was wondering if NVidia slipped in a fix.

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                                Today we got 3.3.3 for Ghost and 331.82 driver for Nvidia  but didint fix any of the SLI problems... same flickering lagy game.. 

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                                    The 331.82 driver only changes FXAA -> TXAA (blur) in Ghosts, and the SLI or for that matter CF problems are from the 'game' and not the drivers.


                                    I'm running a pair of GTX 770's in SLI and to eliminate the 'flickering' disable SLI in the Nvidia control panel (just for Ghosts) and in most cases you'll also need to downgrade Image Quality from 'Extra' and notch lower. I'm running a 2560x1440 monitor so your image quality settings might be different. However, at least to (me) running something less than Extra leaves you with Blur and harder to see opponents aka unplayable.


                                    Most of my issues are attributed to the Image Quality setting, and Extra often causes a FPS (Stutter) at the worst possible times i.e. aiming at an enemy. The FoV changer from off to 90 to even 100 doesn't seem to make any differences.

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                                    Lame ass texture flickering still persisting with 11/27 331.93 beta drivers. I'm running 2X SLI GTX 580s under Win7 x64 and Aero desktop theme disabled.


                                    3+ weeks since Ghosts PC release and still no fix for nVidia GeForce SLI. WTF!? Remember this next time you upgrade your GPU(s).

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                                        Well I have an update after the last patch which might help (copy/paste):


                                        The following at least seems to work 'better' and is smooth for me and with no SLI Strobing, so I thought I'd share some 'Starting-point' settings that are working for me. Keep in mind any vSync is going to cap you at your monitor's refresh rate (e.g. 60 Hz = 60 FPS, or 120 Hz = (limit) 90 FPS+/-1).


                                        Nvidia Control panel (drivers 331.82) - http://i.imgur.com/1pAUPZA.jpg

                                        Game Advanced Setting Options - http://i.imgur.com/SdCHK2F.jpg


                                        My rig: i7-3930K, 32GB DDR3L-1600 RAM (1.35v), SLI GTX 770 2GB, OC 4.4/4.8/Stock, Windows 7 Pro SP1 64-bit, Network: DMZ Host (Open NAT, 50/35 Mbps FiOS) on 1Gbps network, KB/M K90/(M65/G500S), Single Dell Monitor 2560x1440, etc.

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                                            Tried this on 2 x GTX460's and it made no difference! Thanks anyway dude Momba1

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                                                Agreed, using Windowed mode setting and/or enabling Vertical Sync do not improve SLI performance at all for me - weapon attachments are still flickering when SLI is enabled.


                                                The only performance tweak that's made any difference for me is changing iw6mp64_ship.exe process Priority to 'Normal' within Task Manager.  Although not SLI related, this eliminated game stuttering.

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                                                    It depends on your GPU's and too a degree your CPU (priority in config), in my case and the settings above either (seta r_elevatedPriority "1") or (seta r_elevatedPriority "0") work and are smooth; "1" is High Priority and "0" is Normal Priority. Before the patches "0" reduced some crashes and Steam in Offline reduced the Menu lag (still does). Several of the config file settings are completely ignored e.g. seta cl_maxPing "800" or "100".

                                                    footnote: Those changing their config file IMO should make a backup copy of their original before 'tweaking' and keep in mind one version's Patch these changes might not work or make things worst so after a new patch try the Default config first (less variables).


                                                    config_mp.cfg location ...\SteamApps\common\Call of Duty Ghosts\players2

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                                              Just got the latest nVidia drivers & Ghosts patch and we still have issues with flickering in game! Disable SLI and it works like a charm! Come on guys, you have known about this issue for over 3 weeks now & still not fix or even suggestion on what can be done by the common user!


                                              What I have done as a kind of temporary solution is as follows:


                                              1. Go to nVidia Control Panel

                                              2. Select "Manage 3D settings"

                                              3. Select "Programs Settings" Tab

                                              4. In the drop down menu you will find "iw6mp64_ship.exe" and "iw6sp64_ship.exe"

                                              5. Select either of these and scroll down the feature column to "SLI rendering mode"

                                              7. At the side of this you will see "Use global setting (NVIDIA recommended)"

                                              8. Change this to "Single-GPU"

                                              9. Click "Apply"



                                              I know this isn't a "Fix" but it gets the game to work without continually having to go into nVidia control panel and disable SLI mode when ever you want to play COD Ghosts, and everything else still runs with SLI enabled, so all good


                                              One thing to remember though is that when COD Ghosts gets an update/patch or a new nVidia driver is released you will have to go back into these settings and simply hit "Restore" to see if the issue with SLI has been fixed.


                                              Anyway, hope this helps for now guys

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                                                I did explain in my post that it was NOT a fix but just a method of stopping the flickering issue until a patch/driver update actually does fully fix the issue.


                                                I have contacted nVidia & this is the most recent correspondence in their efforts to help me fix this issue:


                                                Thank you for all the information


                                                The issue you are experiencing is not a general behavior of the graphics card or the graphics driver. However, such issues could also occur if the display driver is not registered properly in Windows. Hence, in order to troubleshoot the issue I would request you to install this display driver by following the instructions described below


                                                1) To avoid download issues, if you are running any 3rd party download utilities, please disable them as they are known for occasionally causing errors with the downloads


                                                2) Please download and save the graphic card driver on the desktop by visiting the page at the following link




                                                Double click on the driver file and the installer would guide you through the steps, you may also click on the following link for images on the steps installing the updated driver


                                                http://nvidia.custhelp.com/cgi-bin/nvidia.cfg/php/enduser/std_adp.php?p_faqid=29 00


                                                Please let us know if the above steps have helped us to fix the issue

                                                As I'm sure you will all antisipate this made no difference to the issue and we are all still waiting for an actual fix. Please let me know if this does actually work for anyone.

                                                Thanks guys

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                                                  if you guys still have strobe/flickering prob you could download nvidia inspector load up the ghosts profile scroll down to


                                                  sli rendering and change it to SFR apply and that should stop the problem


                                                  more info here http://forums.steampowered.com/forums/showthread.php?t=3197812

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                                                    Here is a link to report driver feedback. Maybe if they get enough feedback on this issue we can get some traction for a fix.



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                                                      So here is a potential fix I found in another forum thread on this issue for anyone that feels like experimenting a bit.  I've tried everything else, but this actually appears to be working.  However, I don't know what this setting actually is/does or how to verify that my SLI rendering is truly active once I've made this change.  Please advise if you know better.


                                                      Check out the YouTube video linked here demonstrating the bit change for BF4:

                                                      https://forums.geforce.com/default/topic/648653/sli/eat-this-nvidia-i-know-how-t o-fix-bf4-and-ghosts-/


                                                      You can download nVidia Inspector here:



                                                      In my nVidia Inspector profile for "Call of Duty: Ghosts", I changed the following 'Undefined' setting.  After re-enabling SLI in the nVidia Control Panel, I am now playing COD Ghosts Multiplayer without any weapon attachment flickering.


                                                      Setting ID: 0x00DB3858 (9 profiles):

                                                      Original Setting Value: 0x00100000

                                                      New Setting Value: 0x00000001


                                                      Please share your results!


                                                      UPDATE: This is confirmed working based on enabling SLI Visual Indicator in nVidia Control Panel. No flickering/flashing weapon attachments in COD Ghosts multiplayer with SLI enabled for my 2X GTX 580s.

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                                                          Really interested in giving this a try. Won't be able to till tomorrow evening sometime though.

                                                          Does anyone know what that setting is for or what it actually changes?

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                                                            Gartholomew wrote:


                                                            Setting ID: 0x00DB3858 (9 profiles):

                                                            Original Setting Value: 0x00100000

                                                            New Setting Value: 0x00000001


                                                            Please share your results!

                                                            Crashes my system before I can even get into a game; SLI GTX 770's.


                                                            Again, My rig: i7-3930K, 32GB DDR3L-1600 RAM (1.35v), SLI GTX 770 2GB, OC 4.4/4.8/Stock, Windows 7 Pro SP1 64-bit, Network: DMZ Host (Open NAT, 50/35 Mbps FiOS) on 1Gbps network, KB/M K90/(M65/G500S), Single Dell Monitor 2560x1440, etc.

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                                                            I'm having this problem on my PS4. It's not only the scopes, but a lot of the textures in the game. Many of the areas in the game look heavily distorted, while others look fine. I've been reading a lot about PC gamers having these problems with the game, but haven't found anyone so far who has it on PS4. My PS4 runs other games perfectly fine by the way.

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                                                              I have contacted Activision about 12 times on this, and the customer care is dismissive, unprofessional and frankly terrible. 

                                                              I am asking for some simple questions to be answered, which any IT savvy company would be able to respond to.


                                                              A) Is there a known error raised for this SLI flickering issue?  What is the Problem reference number which is being worked on to rememdy all the incidents being reported by PC owners?


                                                              B) Responding by saying "keep an eye on the manufacturer website" is not an answer to my question on "who is fixing the issue".


                                                              I am running a GTX590.  The game works with SLI disabled, but I refuse to keep faffing around to disable it just for this game.  no other game has this issue.


                                                              Friends who have run the Nvidea inspector have had major issues and the game crashes.  It is not up to us to play with 3rd party apps to get the game to work.  You are responsible for patching faults.


                                                              The game has been out for a few months, and this issue remains ignored.


                                                              WHAT IS THE REFERENCE NUMBER ON THIS ISSUE WITHIN ACTIVISION??  I get better support from 3 man indie programmers than a company that took the money this did in 24hrs.