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        10. Re: Major Faults with CoD: Ghosts

        Sadly, I also have to report seeing a hacker.


        During his game winning kill he had every perk in the game.

        His emblem was also blank where everyone else had a rank.


        This really is most disappointing! Release day as well...

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          11. Re: Major Faults with CoD: Ghosts

          i wont be playing till a texture pack is available its hammering the blueray playing online. and i agree the graphics a dreadful..play an hr of ghosts then go back to blops 2 and its far better

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            12. Re: Major Faults with CoD: Ghosts

            brentcers37 wrote:


            I'm not one to complain a lot, but this game was hyped up to be amazing. I've played 9 hours so far and I can safely say it is the worst CoD multiplayer experience I've ever had.


            1. The spawn system is absolutely atrocious. I've killed people who have respawned right around the corner and revenge killed me. Not only that but on Stormfront and Strikezone, I've actually spawned in front of people AND in full view. It's absolutely horrific.
            2. The time it takes to die is WAY to quickly. I shoot half a clip into people sometimes only to have them put one or two bullets into me.
            3. The guns are extremely unbalanced. The Bizon is the most overpowered SMG I've ever seen, kills everything in two bullets. The MSBS is ALWAYS a one burst kill, the marksman rifles kill so quickly that it's impossible to run away once you're caught in one's sights and the MTAR-X is now horrible.

            4. The colour of uniforms. It's so hard to see someone in medium to long range! Whiteout is one of the the worst maps for this. I have a 46 inch TV and I'm still struggling with long range shots.
            5. The maps are far too big in some cases. Stonehaven is a ground war map, but there is NO ground war whatsoever!

            6. Getting rid of SnD was the stupidest move I've ever seen from IW. It's what so many people played, it was extremely popular. Why get rid of something that works and is loved by so many people?


            8. If you have a three bar connection, you are as good as stuffed. You'll only do well with four bars, if you have host then you are already at an extreme advantage.


            Honestly, all of this needs a patch... and fast.

            Spawns do seem to be a tad bad, with maps this size, why on earth would you get spawned directly into gunfire, and/or right next to enemy players?
            The health system is a tad out of whack at the moment, no time to react, hope the patch this...
            The one thing that really really got me pissed, is shooting 3-4 bullets into a sniper, only to be quickscoped and killed.....really still invincible snipers?..arrrrggg
            On the good side, I have yet to see anyone 'skipping' across the map, so it seems connections are better than previous titles...

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              13. Re: Major Faults with CoD: Ghosts

              I agree the PS3 graphics are terrible - the guard dog looks more like a fridge magnet!


              BO 2 is so much more playable and looks light years ahead of this over hyped MW3 clone.


              The maps are way too big - takes forever to get back to where you were etc


              In all honesty I wish I hadn't bothered preordering. Very disappointing launch day.


              Roll on Black Ops 3

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                14. Re: Major Faults with CoD: Ghosts

                After reading this post it almost makes me want to return the game and go back to GTA V. I figured there would be issues with this game as with all the other COD's but, geez, pretty sad people are complaining about the same issues that have plagued COD's.

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                  15. Re: Major Faults with CoD: Ghosts

                  Do you have any proof of any of this? I mean I think the only problems with this game are the spawns and they need to make the default amount players 18 players instead of bringing back Ground Wars if the maps are so big if not stop exaggerating.

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                    16. Re: Major Faults with CoD: Ghosts

                    I hated blops2.I refrained from b!tching about it....I just waited to see what they learned over the years for ghost...today with my pre order i found out.Absolutely nothing.I got absolutely nothing too not one mention of the promised Freefall map.This is an atrocious piece of sh!t!...The multiplayer in this last outing on the PS3 is a shocking mess of an excuse for a game.I could go on all night but i will only mention 2 things...The horrendous lag a gamebreaking problem since MW3 with no way of checking your connection or anyone elses and the disgraceful spawning.Why developers with years of experience can release a game in this day and age that is so badly flawed shows they couldnt care less about there customers,its all about the dollar$$$$....Oh and on a fun note have any of you actually looked at the so called ingame instruction manual....made me chuckle but not for long.

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                      17. Re: Major Faults with CoD: Ghosts

                      I like the maps. Far better than the horrible tiny ones in MW3.

                      The spawns are bad but can be fixed if IW want to (they probably don't).

                      The guns are fine as well.

                      Don't like how quickly you die though.


                      But that fact that the game has already been hacked is serious bad news.

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                        18. Re: Major Faults with CoD: Ghosts

                        In the workin world we call that "hitting the nail on the head."  I actually miss bo2 a little.

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                          19. Re: Major Faults with CoD: Ghosts

                          Jesus Christ guys, the game just came out today, give it a ******* break. Black ops 2 was the same on release day.


                          Here are the good things about Ghosts to lighten your moods.


                          The maps are great, they're not the same on each side, each side has they're disadvantages and advantages,

                          the maps are big, you guys complain about small maps, then you guys complain about big maps, make up your ******* minds. The maps also make sense, unlike in black ops 2 you fought in a skate park and paint ball building.


                          As for you guys complaining to much about dying or low health, this is probably the best game for no bullshit kills by far, when you your suppose to die, you die. Unlike black ops 2 all somebody has to do is aim behind or around you and you die, or get knifed though the riot shield.


                          The guns are amazing, they're not the same **** from last CoDs aside from the Vector, LSAT and FAD.


                          The graphics don't suck, they look amazing. In black ops 2 everything looked colourful, bright and fake.


                          The details matter in CoD to me, there is a lot of cover and vantage points. I don't mean head glitches either.


                          Thank god there is no more target finder either so stop complaining about Ghosts. Think about the **** from Black Ops 2 that pissed you off.


                          Infinity Ward games where also about fast paced aggressive gameplay, it isn't really made for camping, but it isn't camp proof if that makes sense.


                          So shut up and quit acting like ******* babies and play the dame game.

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