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        100. Re: Major Faults with CoD: Ghosts

        I'm guessing you're a sniper then? Considering it's a 3-4 bullet kill with the assault rifles, whereas the MSBS is one burst AND kills faster than all AR's.

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          101. Re: Major Faults with CoD: Ghosts

          OK, firstly if you shot half a clip into someone and they never died then that's bad lag, hackers, or your exaggerating. Also I hear a smaller monitor is better for gaming, so saying you have 46inch and you can't spot anyone, is just a trivial complaint in my eyes, this effects everyone, if your having trouble then use a thermal maybe. There are better SMGs than the bizon. MSBS is a one burst kill? ( MW3 type 95). MTAR is crap? IMO it's tied for best SMG with a k7. I can't comment on lag this for me personally is the smoothets COD I have ever played, I'm very impressed. Alas I must agree with spawns on TDM and KC, however I do notice that they spawn in specific areas only, yes it doesn't matter if your stood ten feet in front of the said area, but it helps to be aware of where they can spawn and be alert at all times approaching and traversing through said area, not the best solution but one none the less. As for the hackers, sadly I have encountered more hackers on this game than any previous title

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            102. Re: Major Faults with CoD: Ghosts

            brentcers37 wrote:


            I'm not one to complain a lot, but this game was hyped up to be amazing. I've played 9 hours so far and I can safely say it is the worst CoD multiplayer experience I've ever had.


            2. The time it takes to die is WAY to quickly. I shoot half a clip into people sometimes only to have them put one or two bullets into me.
            3. The guns are extremely unbalanced. The Bizon is the most overpowered SMG I've ever seen, kills everything in two bullets. The MSBS is ALWAYS a one burst kill, the marksman rifles kill so quickly that it's impossible to run away once you're caught in one's sights and the MTAR-X is now horrible.

            5. The maps are far too big in some cases. Stonehaven is a ground war map, but there is NO ground war whatsoever!

            The gun damage is slightly higher and range is slightly longer. Nothing big but enough to make guns 3 hit kills consistently. I used the MSBS a lot at first thinking it was a great gun like everyone was complaining about but it's not. You only see it when it kills you in one burst but I've had to shoot as many as 3 bursts to get a kill. It's RoF is also very low making it a gamble in heads-up combat.


            Generally speaking the maps are bigger than the past. The thing is, not all the maps are that big, they're complex. Whereas before you had a handful of buildings to go through and the maps had limited lines of sight we now have open maps with nearly every building explore-able.

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              103. Re: Major Faults with CoD: Ghosts

              So it is like the old M16 from MW2 and COD 4 where it could be a 1 burst of 3 burst kill?

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                104. Re: Major Faults with CoD: Ghosts

                LTSHiNySiDeZ3 wrote:


                So it is like the old M16 from MW2 and COD 4 where it could be a 1 burst of 3 burst kill?

                Pretty much. Think of the M16 in MW3, that's what it reminds me of. It will kill the unsuspecting but forget about it if you're in a dual. The accuracy and RoF of full auto ARs is far from inferior to the the MSBS's range and damage.

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                  105. Re: Major Faults with CoD: Ghosts

                  No I don't snipe the IED is an in game piece of equipment not a damn gun it shouldn't take skill to use instead it should take skill to avoid.

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                    106. Re: Major Faults with CoD: Ghosts
                    • this game is bad hit detection worse than bo2 spawning. bad. campers every corner already people are bloody hacking.should have spewnt my money for this game and give it to charity
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                      107. Re: Major Faults with CoD: Ghosts

                      this is very agreed brentcers37 this is by far the worst call of duty i have played i mean it could be a good game if they fixed some things on it, when people are at medium to long distant range its very hard to see them but yet they can see me right off the bat and im dead, and i have a problem with the respawn thing as well, either the enemy spawns in front of me or i spawn in front of them and either way its not cool i missed the old mw2 mw3 gameplay that was the best nuff said. they need to do some major work on this game. in order for me to still play or im just going to trade someone for another badass game

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                        108. Re: Major Faults with CoD: Ghosts

                        If you've been playing for a while, then numbers one through four, and numbers seven and eight, are pretty much the same complaints in EVERY single game. The only one I can agree on is numbers one, seven, and eight. The others are usually MUCH more the fault of the players themselves, not the game.


                        Numbers two and three have more to do with number eight (lag) than anything else. Otherwise, the weapons are pretty balanced IF you manage to get a decent connection. My only complaint is the very narrow hipfire for them besides snipers, so, like BO2, you can get hipfire kills from pretty ridiculous distances.


                        Number four...what? Do you expect to have some kind of permanent Target Finder/Thermal Scope/whatever so you don't have to actually use your eyes effectively if you need to? That's the whole point of a soldier's uniform, especially Special Ops, to blend in easier so they become harder a target to immediately point out. Remember that others are probably having just as hard a time spotting you as you do them sans the Thermal Scope or they manage to see you with the Tracker Sight, so chances are, if the devs did, for some reason, decide to make it easier to see enemies, all you'd do is complain that you're dying even faster all due to your previous complaints of others being too hard to see since everyone could now see eachother easily, including you..


                        Number five sounds more like you're unwilling to adapt to a game that has an actual balance of map types, and are just way too bias towards/used to the smaller and smaller map trend that started with BO1 and culminated with BO2. Otherwise, the maps are just fine and if you can't adapt to them by changing your playstyle/loadout, then of course you're not going to do well and get killed easier. That's your own fault, not the game's fault.


                        No real comment on number six.



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                          109. Re: Major Faults with CoD: Ghosts

                          1: the spawns do suck on this game, i've only played combat training so far and i've died several times by bots that spawn right behind me. i can't even imagine how frustrating online is.


                          2:agreed. you die a little too fast in this game. sometimes you'll die so fast that you don't even have time to do anything.


                          3:i haven't really noticed this, maybe i should pay more attention haha.




                          5:agreed. sometimes i'll be running around for a good 15-30 seconds before i see someone. stonehaven is the worst of them all imo.


                          6:i've never played that game mode so it's not a problem to me.


                          7:i haven't played online yet and this makes me want to stick with combat training


                          8:havent played online yet so idk about this one.

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