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        130. Re: Major Faults with CoD: Ghosts

        I pretty much agree with all that you said ...

        About spawns? Man.. it's nice to come around the corner and get a 2 or 3 piece kill on the enemy that just spawned and has no idea your coming... But that being said.. it goes both ways!! Everyone has had trouble with the spawns in this game since day one of getting it home and playing it...

        And this last patch was supposed to fix the spawn logic ...huh.. i personally notice that its worse now than it has ever been..I mean they make the maps bigger than what we've all seen in the past, Which i personally don't mind it's nice to have a vast area sometime's ..But yet here we all are spawing in this one area..just to get spawn killed. Where's the Logic?


        I have come to this final conclusion... The spawns are the way there are for the reason being,


        1. It keeps games closer in score which keeps ppl playing.." They only beat us by 1" etc...

        2. Gives the Chicken to affaid to move for the whole game a couple kills .. so that we all go back and try to get him and him gets a few more cause he still hasn't moved.(The Camper)

        3.When you are on the lucky side of the spawn.. and melt 3-4 enemys..your get stoked and play agian and again..


        At the end of the day.. IW or who ever only care about one thing and thats money..So the more ppl that buy the game the more money they make..So in a way they have evened the playing field for everyone..Good and Bad players.. ( from what i've Noticed) Keeping ppl playing and buying the game.. Really once you've bought it.. it's to late..they already have your money now.


        I'm a call of duty warrior and no matter what theyre going to get my money everytime..LMAO


        Pcee.. see you in the spawn

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