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    How are they killing me so easy?!

      This game sucks ****, Its really annoying But the thing thats bothering me most is how people are instant killing me after I've put 2-3 bullets into them before they've even seen me. I have 26% accuracy, which by all means is considered "Fair/Good" And I for sure aint missing these shots, Yet they can kill me in one or two bullets. Anybody else having this issue?

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          Hah i've always been on the top in over 50% of all my matches on Bo2 but in ghosts they've reduced the health so far it's comparable to BO2 HC mode except here everyone can see you if you shoot without supressor and i kill cam and what not so basically it's shorter matches than ever with less required tactic than ever it all comes down to how lucky you are, if they don't return core mode to normal i will personally never buy cod titles for IW anymore.

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              Exactly the same here. I'm thinking of cashing in and selling my copy for £35 before its too late. I've already told 3 of my friends not to buy this and to buy BF4 instead of feeding this poor excuse of a company another £125 for a half asses game.

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                  I've never disliked any of the games sure they felt kinda the same but i enjoyed them all but this time around i'm probably going to agree in the end with battlefield 4 that game really rocks! but for now i'm going to be optimistic and see what's going to happen.
                  If i were you i would consider how much you trust IW to fix this, i'm remaining optimistic cause the majority usually wins in these circumstances and i think the majority agrees on this.

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                      Battlefield is better, thats a fact. Even the TDM is more enjoyable, balanced and fair.


                      & I dont trust IW, They wont fix anything look at their abandoned past games that're now hacked to sh!t, Hell they couldnt even patch the Grenade launchers in MW2. What a joke. Thats why I never brought MW3, And I made the right decision buying it months later for 10 bucks. I was just hoping (For some reason) They'd have learnt their lesson from The MW Series and got their **** together, but no. They made it even worse.  Thankfully I've already sold the game and have someone picking it up later, Not fussed on losing a tenner. Lesson learnt, never shall I buy an IW game again.


                      Treyarch FTW.

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                  Completely agree. Health system in this game is way too low.

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                      I didn't but itt yet, but I think the only way we have playing this game is increasing the health like we could do in BO2 against bots hahahahaha! But talking seriously, I'm really disappointed with what I'm seeing in the youtube channels. You can't even aim, you try to do this and suddenly you're down. I really hope an update to change this, and fix like the BO2, at least, health mode!

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                      They actually did this LOL I love it. I known there would be a bunch a whiny kids complaining that can't step out of their comfort zone because core is what they chose to play when they first started playing Cod.  Now try without that mini map kids if you want a challenge. You do understand gun bullets kill it's not a tazer?

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                        i'm confused. everyone was like, "Treyarch sucks! i can't wait for Ghosts because Infinity Ward rules!" and now it's the other way around? it sounds like this game is running just as all the others have. i don't know why people seem so surprised. i also see everyone saying "i'm not buying this crap any more" yet the same people seem to still be buying the games LOL.


                        i'm gonna browse this forum for a bit to see if there is anything positive going on with the game. if not, i'll save my money and probably try BF4. i'm not looking to waste money on another half-working game.


                        maybe the ps4 version will be better and i'll pick it up then. maybe.

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                          kids will be kids.

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                            I am currently testing a viable run and gun class and so far, it's giving me good results. This class seems to surprise people with its blazing speed and it runs counter to people who are moving slow around the map. The key to using this class is maps awareness and spawn knowledge. You will need to do a lot of strafing once you encounter an enemy. This class strafes really fast.


                            Strafe, strafe, and strafe. Take advantage of the fast TTK and if they can't draw their gun as fast as you do and aim as you strafe, they're dead.




                            -Extended Mags




                            Ready Up

                            Slight of Hand






                            Support Strike Package

                            Ballistic Vest




                            Note: I do not suggest using this class on wide open maps. Use this on the maps where there are in-door close quarters.

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                              The game is the same lagging piece of flawed sh!t they've been churning out since MW3.I watch every killcam death i get and they are so far removed to what actually happens on screen.Die instantly...Killcam shows me getting hit by about 5-6 bullets just the usual COD bullsh!t!!!