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    Ok guys so hows this running for you peeps

      Hi Cod players im not here to cause any havoc or flame thread. I just wanted to know if you guys got what you expected and how is COD Ghosts running.


      Having to put up with unfinished games on pc is really starting to annoy me after being a pc player since 1993.


      I bought BF 4 as i play both BF and Cod series games but BF 4 is an absolute disgrace to be released in its current state. When it plays it looks nice but has worse netcode/hitreg than COD BO2 and is constant crashing.


      So i wanted to know if Ghosts launch was any better/worse in your opinion.



      Regards Robbie.

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          me Ghosts dont even start

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            The mp side is so choppy I can't play it well at all. I can't tell if it's netcode or video, but I have a GTX 770 so it shouldn't be video. There's not even bars in the game so forget about being able to understand my actual ping.


            Both these franchises should be ashamed of themselves, but IMO BF4's game gives you a hell of a lot more than this game - graphics, options, etc.

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              Hey Robbie. The game is running very badly for me and im extremely annoyed seeing as how bf4 was a disaster as well. Im running about 15-50 fps in this game and it fluctuates between that framerate. This game is very unplayable and I can't believe how bad infinity ward have got. Black ops 2 has been amazing since launch with me not needing to wait for any kind of patch. Treyarch are a trusted developer and they should have developed this game. My pc is more than capable of playing current and next gen games with my amd7970 so no hardware issues on my end. They need to get their **** together.

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                Well TBH peeps this is now grating on me to the point i may sack pc gaming and go to Next gens for my gaming fixes.


                I am fed up having to upgrade hardware and still not getting fully working released games. BF 4 has had over 2 gig of patches in the first week that's astonishing to me.


                I know the pc has a ton more benefits to consoles, but to be getting this crap pumped out to us on a steady bases is just sickening.


                I don't think pc gaming is dead or dying but i think people are too lenient when it comes to expecting games and sit with the mentality of "Its a pc game you expect problems",


                But why should we. We all pay a lot more for gaming rigs than any Console ever will.


                Regards Robbie.

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                    PC hardware and gaming have been very forgiving in the last 7-8 years. Back in the mid 90's to early 2000's you had to upgrade your pc almost every 5-6 months to keep up with gaming. These last 7-8 years have been great I have only had to upgrade my pc 3 x in almost 8 years that is awesome! And when I did upgrade I was still able to play almost every game released in high quality and 1680x1050-1920x1080 resolutions. There is aboslutely no reason anyone should complain. So what the last few games have had some issues needing patches it's always like this when switching to a new generation. Developers are trying to code for 360,PS3 and PC and PS4 & XBOne almost forgot it's on WiiU as well. That's 6 different platforms and for PC there are a million different configurations. That's not an easy job releax all issues with games will be patched.



                    And for real big deal if you have to upgrade your memory it's only going to benefit you later on and you won't have to post on forums any more how you can't play a game because you don't have enough memory.

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                        I have a feeling that this developer doesnt care about the pc version as much as the console version. I dont think we'll be getting an amazing patch anytime soon and it will never be as good as black ops 2. Will be getting a ps4 on launch and if this game gets a good rating, with no issues or anything ill pick it up for that. It was a mistake for me to buy a pc game without reading a review. I blame the developer, but i also blame myself for thinking this game was gonna be incredible.