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      Welcome to flashpoint gaming network!


      We currently have over 150+ members and spread between 6 different divisions, BO II (Frost and KEIF), GTA 5 (Mayhem) & Ghost's (Vicious) and Carnage (Ghost's PS4) Trinity (Titanfall 360/X1) ** AND OUR NEW PC DIVISION (under construction)** but the PC division will be dabbing into Free2Play games such as star trek online/star wars old republic, war thunder, defiance AND MORE!!


      Flashpoint has a well founded ranking structure to keep everyone driven in the community. we are diverse and are looking for a mature crowd.. we have a mix of recreational gamer's and competitive ones also. so we have a little bit of everything to offer everyone in the gaming community.


      We are level 17 (Gold Tags) and in the gold division for clan wars on Ghost's Xbox/Playstation


      We offer monthly in house tournaments may it be S&D/FFA/TDM for CA$H Prizes.. may it be XBL Live/Point cards or iTunes/Google Play gift cards. (everything is funded by FlashPoint CEO's so you don't ever need to pay for anything.) how ever if you do feel like donating to keep the site running we do have a widget for that at the bottom right of our website.




      Member breakdown:

      Leader: 1

      Commissioners: 4

      Lieutenants: 4

      Representatives: 4

      Muscle: 22

      Pending Requests: 3



      (( regarding GTA 5.. as the online progresses there will also be monthly tournaments.. as rockstar is currently fixing up stuff that will be put on hold till we have more details... ))


      We have launched Trinity our new titan fall division we need pilots!.. if you are reading this and found us.. this is the place for you!!


      We have about 150+ or so members at the moment and we are very active online. There are some minor requirements to join...and they are...


      Age: 14+ (Flashpoint Juniors)

      Age: 16+ (Flashpoint Seniors)


      KD Ratio: 1.2 + (For GB ONLY, we accept all KD Ratios for those not wanting to participate in GB.)



      Absolutely no modding/cheating during practice night/scrimmages or gamebattles/mlg events. and if you do join please read our code of conduct, to make sure everything stays kosher for all members.




      FPGN Staff

      Check out our social media:




      twitter: @flashpointgn

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