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    PC Ghosts is a joke, and here's why:

      My blood is boiling over the PC version of this game.  IW tried talking it up, acting like for once they would make a respectable PC version of their game, but here we go with IW just crapping all over PC players again.  Here are all the disgraces of Ghosts:


      1. PLEASE, somebody give me just ONE GOOD REASON why there is not an FOV slider in this game? BLOPS2 had adjustable FOV up to 90, I am appalled that IW took a step backward here.  FOV slider is CRITICAL for any first person PC game. It's such a simple thing to ask for, and it's such a slap in the face that it's been taken away from PC after it was available in BO2.  I simply cannot play the game at 65 FOV, it gives me motion sickness.  To make matters worse, they are now banning players who use a 3rd party FOV changer, which is something they didn't do in MW3.


      2.  HORRIBLE OPTIMIZATION.  This game performs terribly on high-end hardware that can max out BF4 at 60FPS and put next-gen console hardware to shame.  I use an HD 7970 which is far more powerful than the PS4 or X1's graphics chip and the game constantly runs below 60fps with horrible stuttering.  Even when I overclock it to a massive 1300Mhz I still can't hold 60fps unless I turn off anti-aliasing.  COD is a game that absolutely MUST be butter smooth to fit with it's gameplay.


      3.  Memory leakage.  When using a GPU that has 6GB+ of VRAM, the game will use over 5GB of VRAM.  The funny thing is, BF4 has better graphics and manages to use less than 3GB of VRAM with all ultra settings.  Unless you have $1000 to spend on a GTX Titan, your GPU will run out of VRAM, which results in hideous stuttering.


      4. 6GB system RAM requirement.  This is such a joke.  The game only uses 2GB of system RAM, stop trying to make it sound like you actually put work into making your game require powerful hardware to run.


      5.  Mouse input problems.  In Windows 8.1 (and maybe others) there is all kinds of mouse jitter and wild sensitivity variations, resulting in both mouse movement acceleration and lag, making the game literally unplayable.  This needs to be fixed IMMEDIATELY.


      6. 91FPS frame rate limit again.  Seriously?  Are we still in 2004 or something?  Another thing that BO2 fixed (allowing 120fps in League Play and 200fps in public matches) that IW just decided to flush down the toilet.  Just like 65 FOV, there is absolutely NO REASON that this game should be capped at 91 FPS.


      7.  Freezes and crashes.  If this were a beta, I'd understand, but this is totally unacceptable in a retail release.  Oh wait, I forgot, this IS a beta apparently. 


      8.  PC VERSION DOES NOT USE SUB-D.  This is another infuriating slap-in-the-face to PC gamers.  Next-gen consoles, which are weaker than even a modern mid-range PC right now, use Sub-D technology to keep rounded edges smooth, but for some reason unknown to even God himself, IW decided to leave this feature out of the PC version!!! I'm going to assume pure laziness.


      This is a disgrace.  I want my money back, but unfortunately Steam doesn't give you a 1-week time window to refund the game unlike Origin, so I'm out of $60 now.

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